Loving...On A Wednesday

The color palette, the cacti, the crazy awesome wire pieces by artist Antonino Sciortino... All of it, total brilliance. (Discovered via Joanna's Pinterest.)

Agnes Martin's stunning works on paper.

Saturdays Surf's magazine...I am needing a real Saturday, and the idea (just the idea, mind you) of surfing seeming infinitely appealing to me right now. My daydreams are stuck in a loop involving driving up the misty Northern California coast to Stinson Beach and sitting on the rock-strewn sand for hours watching the ocean.

Clearly, I need a vacation.

And on said vacation, I would hit Bar Tartine prior to the windy drive to Stinson (for me, a windy drive on an empty stomach is the kiss of death). I'd go, of course, for the incredible food, but I would also secretly (well not anymore) harbor the hope of running into Chad Robertson. After reading about him in this month's Vogue, the bread maestro might very well be my new favorite person. I mean there's the bread, but then there's the fact that in a world filled with people wanting more, more, more -- more fame, more money, more prestige, Robertson just wants to do what he's doing really, really well (even if that means doing it on the smallest of scales). Hear, hear Mr. Robertson. Hear, hear.

Clare's fall bags...all embossed croc and mixed materials and ponyskin and shots of blue. Oh my.

Donna and Gabby in Harper's Bazaar. Full stop.

And last but not least, I'm still in awe of Rachel Chandler Guinness' nuptials. That scene above is so beautiful that it hurts me a little, I'm not gonna lie.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. Tartine Bakery is my happy place and Chad Robertson is the coolest. I think the morning bun from there would be my last meal!! xx

Anonymous said...

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