A Pity Party...And A Book

I've been feeling sorry for myself a lot of late... And I'm stuck in this one-person pity party despite the fact that I know I am luckier/more blessed/richer (that last one is figurative, for the record) than 99.9 percent of, well, everyone else on earth (i.e. abundant love, beloved family, dear friends, health, shelter, food, water, transportation, safety + way, way more...you get the idea). I feel shameful about my "woe is me" M.O., I do. And yet...I can't seem to shake my sort of perpetual state of Charlie Brown-ness.

The culprits are annoying enough -- a car that has died, wait for it, 3 times in the past week and a half, all at the absolute most inopportune times (on the way to the girl's music presentation, in route to a photo shot carrying every. single. thing. that needed to be shot), a house in shambles due to a big project we're doing, never-ending piles of laundry, a cat that believes with every fiber of his being that my dining room rug is his litter box (we've been down this road before, I realize)...

Here is what's saving me right now, what's pulling me out of this temporary state of myopic whining and into a more tough love, get over it already place.

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

My friend Kerry recommended this book to me several weeks ago based solely on the fact that she thought I'd dig the author's attempt at drastic simplification (Kerry knows me well). I've been reading a little before bed each night, and, friends, it is slaying me. Granted, it's got a (major) religious bent, however, it is humbling, applicable, beautiful, funny, and moving, regardless of your religious affiliation (or lack there of). Let's just say it has my wheels turning... Big time.

Thanks Jen Hatmaker. I owe you one.


Rob and Carrie said...

I just read this book, too, and it has definitely challenged me. I know I need a recheck in my life when I feel like I'm serving my "stuff" instead of the other way around!

Kerry Sumpter Smith said...

So glad that we got to see her in person!

marina said...

If it makes you feel better, it's like a super moon, mercury, kind of wacky week for all -- I know 5 people that could easily fast forward to next week.

Thanks for the book rec!

Kim said...

I swear I never heard of Jen Hatmaker until last week and I am suddenly hearing her name at every turn. A room full of women looked at me and said, "You don't know Jen Hatmaker?" like I said I didn't know what chocolate milk is. Anyway, they told me her blog is funny - and it is! I have become a fan quickly. I heard great things about this book, too. My friend Ada is giving it a whirl.