Loving...On A Wednesday (Inspiration Edition) + A Winner

First there was last week's collection of images that made every fiber of my (OCD-loving) being feel warm and fuzzy. Now I'm getting all misty about other people's (inspiration) boards (OPB if you will). It seems I'm on a roll with the themed "Loving" lists of late.

There actually is a bit of rhyme and reason behind this one... I'm announcing the winner of our first "Inspired By" post (drum roll...congrats Jennifer John on being the lucky recipient of those killer Heather Taylor textiles), so a little roundup of inspiration board goodness just seems appropriate, yes?

Ok, let's get started. Hello Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock hanging out in front of your awesome mood board. I love the clothes you make, for the record. You guys are killing it. 

Joanna, your assemblage of art and photos and fabric scraps and dried flowers is, well, the perfect embodiment of you. (Which, I suppose, is exactly the point of a good inspiration board...well played my lady, well played.)

Clare, you make my favorite bags of. all. time. Full stop. Your board is pretty rad too...

French Vogue, I'm also rather smitten with the inspiration-board feature that you did on Sofia Coppola in your Dec/Jan 05 issue.... But then again I'm pretty smitten with everything that you (and Sofia Coppola for that matter) do.

Oh Jenna Lyons...there are no words, really. Your wall sized board, your Moroccan rug and pink sheepskin, that Cherner armchair barely peeking out over the top of your watermelon Blu Dot Strut table.


Christene given my own inability to publicly declare my deep and abiding fondness for pink (wait, I just did it, didn't I?) your pink-centric inspiration board makes me almost unnaturally happy.

Jennifer S. your board makes me immensely happy as well (as does your beautiful jewelry). In fact, I love your entire feature on The Makers...

Simone, I love that you have lots-o-boards...and that they're little...and really well curated. I'm stealing this idea, cool?


Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! Love inspiration boards. Love anything and everything Clare does. And now I NEED that watermelon desk... off to look for a second job :)

Anonymous said...

Rad post, Joslyn. I adore you. I love everything you do. You're a bad ass and I look forward to the day when we get to meet in real life.

Thank you for all of your support, always!


Unknown said...

LOVE this post,lady. And I hadn't seen that one of Jenna - so good. Thank you for including me amongst your super picks ;)

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful. And the women in the first photo? That is destined to be my spring uniform as soon as I can find a sweater that's similar.

jennifer said...

Love this! Very inspiring company to be in:)

Unknown said...

you found a lot of cool cats!
love your blog btw.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Joslyn & Heather! Such a nice surprise this morning! Beautiful linens!

I love a good inspiration board. Tells so much about what is going on inside someones head. Always ever changing, thats what makes them so great!