Loving...On A Wednesday

Ter et Bantine's graphic goodness at Maryam Nassir Zadeh and the gorgeous shorn-haired beauty donning it who, it should be noted, reminds me an awful lot of my beautiful friend Lucia...

Fr√ľute's cookies as art. Best. Packaging. Ever. Then there's the matter of their clever quotes:

"Some cookies are good with milk, others demand champagne." 

Yes please.

Works by artist Steven Tye Culbert. Love. His daughter emailed me and shared that he raised her on jazz and tales of Big Sur. That's my kind of parent.

All the serious print goodness happening in Kelly Wearstler's spring collection. I'm typically not a print gal, but I'm all over that blouse above.

Everlane -- The designs, the concept, the brand philosophy...all of it. And I'm especially loving what they did on Black Friday last year:

-- Buy Less, Buy Better -- 
As a business, we appreciate holiday shopping, but we feel the excess around Black Friday has put the focus on quantity over quality.

Because we want to help people consume less by creating fewer, longer lasting products, we decided to shut down the site today.

Have a wonderful holiday and we'll be back tomorrow.

Awesome, yes?

The feature on Rue's fantastic new site about Michele Janezic of the beautiful San Francisco shop Mill Mercantile.

The genius Ladies & Gents spotted via Molly and Sally... It's sort of a Sartorialist for the pint-size set created by Estee Stanley and Jenni Kayne. (Oh Jenni Kayne, you can do no wrong...sigh.)


Unknown said...

Thank you for the everlane site! Loved the prices! Always enjoy reading your posts.

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

Michele is one of my close friends - she's done an amazing job with the shop!

linette said...

The Fruute cookies...I don't know whether to thank you or be mad at you for introducing these to me! They are beautiful and I can't wait to order some for myself, err, I mean family and friends. : )