Some Scenes From The Weekend

Bryan and the Millister partook in a little father/daughter campout action this weekend, leaving the door open for a full-on girls extravaganza for me and Audrey. I'm happy to report that we took full advantage of the situation. There was a double dinner date with Janet and Henry on Friday, the Milk + Bookies event at babyGap on Saturday, a bit of shopping (ok, maybe it was more than a "bit"...let's just say it was fruitful and leave it at that, cool?), and a movie marathon. On Sunday she accompanied me on a shoot for the Spring D Moms in addition to various other commitments.

Friends, it was complete and total bliss. I am so completely smitten with that kid. She's just cool and funny and smart and kind, and getting the opportunity to be with her one-on-one, for an extended period, outside of our slightly harried weekday existence, just seemed to magnify all those qualities. It was a pretty special experience.

I am a lucky mom.


Andrea and Sophie said...

ok, where do I pick up some of those lovely mugs? dying!

Joslyn said...

Andrea and Sophie
They were actually at my friend Julie Cohn's house. I was dying over them too!
If you email her directly through her site, I'm sure she'd be happy to give you info on where she got them.



Tory said...

I love (and still love) one on one time with my mama! I'm glad you had that with Miss Audrey over the weekend.

In an unrelated topic, do tell more about your gorgeous stack of rings. I'm in the process of building my own.

Chelsea said...

That sounds like such special time. When I have kids I want parenting advice from you. The girls seem like they are going to be such free thinkers and amazing artistic kids. Lovely weekend. xo

Elsa May said...

I just love your Scenes from the Weekend posts - I have a greta deal of house and wardrobe envy when I look at your pics.

DDiNero said...

Yes, ring stack info please! Love them.