(Top image via Vogue, center and bottom images via Backyard Bill)

This quick post-show interview with Isabel Marant on Into The Gloss makes me immensely happy.

Specifically this:

"For example, my icons would be Serge Gainsbourg or Jane Birkin…or Françoise Hardy or Diana Vreeland. I mean, all their lives, they were dressed the same way and wore almost the same thing. I think the purpose is to find what’s right for you and what you feel good in. When somebody tries to be somebody else and looks too much to the newspaper or wants to resemble a certain girl, it will be a failure because you are not this girl. It’s better to spend some energy to find, ‘Ok, this is good for me,’ or ‘This is the right thing for me.’"

Oh and this too (especially this):

"The whole aging process is just life. I love wrinkles; it’s your age, it’s your life. It says who you are, if you are smiling, the lines…. I think people who have faces that are not moving anymore, they just look like window mannequins. After a while, you don’t even know if they are old or young. I think one of the worst things in our world is this entire trend about surgery."


whoorl said...

I love Isabel. (I finally broke down and purchased a pair of her Jenny boots, and I swear I've worn them every day since receipt.)

Unknown said...

she looks stunning!

molly lubs tompkins said...

she's beautiful!

Unknown said...

I follow her collections for years, and I love everything!