A Heap of Festive, A Load of Cozy, And A Soupcon of Lazy

That's pretty much been the recipe around our house since December 23rd...

We breakfasted with Santa and admired the crazy, glittery goodness of our iconic downtown Neiman Marcus store, feasted with friends, constructed gingerbread casas, watched our girlies rip open presents with expressions of pure joy, marveled over the wholly magical snow on Christmas (a rarity in Dallas, for sure), collectively tucked into the pile of books we were gifted (it was a book year), and spent an entire day in our PJs watching documentaries about the moon (we're nerds like that).

Suffice to say, it has been total bliss. Heck, even the grumpy moments (and of course there have been some, we're human after all), were blissful in their own way. Now we're gearing up for sweet Millie's 6th birthday bash this Saturday. We're going with a sort of Chinese New Year theme at her request (she's a bit obsessed with all things Asian of late).

I'll be back soon with scenes from the big event. Stay tuned...


Jessica said...

Share the names of the moon documentaries?

Joslyn said...

Well first we watched the entire "From The Earth to the Moon" miniseries that Tom Hanks did for HBO about ten years ago. Then we watched a Nova documentary called "To The Moon," and we finished "Space Fest" 2012 with a viewing of Apollo 13.

Good times ;-)

LuLu said...

I love the brown paper/white ribbon wrapping. So simple and elegant.

Happy New Year!

Breakfast After 10

la la Lovely said...

Looks lovely...happy new year! I spy Papier Mache... I picked up a copy of it in NYC last month and can't stop looking through it over and over again. It's perfection.

xo . trina