Some Scenes From The Weekend...

I have found the secret to indulging in guilt-free, full-on, unabashed laziness. Enter the raging, miserable head cold.

On Saturday evening Bryan and I snuck away for a dinner date followed by a friend's really fantastic Moroccan-themed birthday party. On the drive home, bam, head cold from hell appears totally out of the blue. B and I make a beeline to the drugstore for provisions, and I spend Sunday nursing the heck out of that bad boy.

I rarely get sick... maybe once a year (I'm knocking on wood as I write this, for the record), but when it hits, it does with a vengeance. It's a bad scene. But luckily, the family was game for my agenda of PJs all day, hot water with lemon and honey, naps, and reading outside in the sunshine (in an attempt to soak in the vitamin D after reading that Dr. Oz recommends it for shortening the duration of a cold).

The absolute highlight of the entire weekend, in fact, was that hour spent sitting outside in the sun with Audrey, both lost in a book, her handing me tissues for my sad, runny nose. There was just something really lovely about her company, commiserating by my side while devouring a chapter book with, wait for it...no pictures. We're entering a new grown-up era here friends. Who knew it would take getting sick to kick it off.

A milestone day. How's that for making lemonade out of lemons?


UrbanChiqueNess said...

Seems to be that time of year..we are nursing colds here too! Add some fresh Ginger to your "tea"...works wonders, so medicinal! Love your pics too

Simply Marilla said...

Sometimes it is just nice to be forced to slow down and have some quality family time.

Lindsey said...

Hope you're feeling better and kudos for seeing the bright side of all of it. Also, love the white candle centerpiece in the photos. For us there is something about lighting candles that also forces a bit of a slowdown.

Anonymous said...

"wait for it...no pictures." This single action can have a humongous effect, right? It's often a very deliberate choice for me.
I'm glad you were able to chill during your recovery.
Have a great day!