Some Scenes From The Weekend...

So technically all those scenes above are from last week, specifically the girlies encounter with the Trading Tortoise at Oil and Cotton, (an incredibly yummy) dinner at Mesa, and my visit to the stunningly talented Julie Cohn's studio (beautiful jewelry..stay tuned), as when you're trying to carry a small bag you don't really have room for a camera.

Actually the two nutcracker practices followed by the volleyball double header, a mountain of laundry, and some intense pumpkin carving with the girls didn't leave much time for the snapping of photos, but the small bag just sounded cooler.

But despite my inability to record our every move via photograph, "operation small bag" went swimmingly. I felt light, unencumbered, footloose and fancy free. I was still racing around like a mad woman, but 50% isn't bad, yes? Baby steps.

Hope your weekend was splendid!

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