Loving...On A Wednesday

Two insanely lovely ladies at a magical garden party.

Egg Collective... Everything. All of it. Just genius. And what's better than three women making smart, interesting, gorgeous things together.

This copper pencil holder from Ferm Living that's currently sitting at the top of my wish list (at the very tippy top of the top even).

Insane green goodness via Erin...

DwellStudio's Snake Chain fabric. I hate snakes. HATE. But I love this fabric in a way that doesn't make sense even to me. In fact, I love it so much that it almost bumped that copper pencil holder from the tippy, tippy top of my wish list...almost.

A big, lacy, wild, romantic bouquet by Ashley from The Byrd Collective for Camille Style's flower school. (Photo by Paige Newton Photography.)

Abbey's house (made even more beautiful by Jenny) via Joanna. And really Abbey + Jenny + Joanna = a trifecta of awesome, yes??


Callie Grayson said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Woking Girl said...

Heee! Funny seeing my mug ( sitting with jennifer S) when I checked out your blog today!
It was indeed a magical garden party. Some of my favorite memories growing up are of summer evenings running around barefoot. It was one of those parties, kiddies, hounds, good friends and delicious treats to nosh on, fab.

jennifer said...

xo! j