Some Scenes From The Weekend

Most of the weekend was spent getting things crossed off the "to do" list (mostly of the work variety) in anticipation of a little (much needed) family getaway to Marfa later this week. We are so desperately needing a recharge...some forced road trip togetherness, some wide-open spaces, some big night skies so full of stars that you gasp a little every time you look up.

Marfa has become our magic place over the past couple of years (you can see a recap from last year's trip here and here)... It's the perfect spot to regroup as the summer break winds down and we start gearing up for the school year and all its attendant schedules and commitments.

I was getting caught up on the Olympics yesterday in between projects and caught an interview with Michael Phelps right after he won the medal that made him the most decorated Olympian of all time. Bob Costas asked him what he was going to do to prepare for his remaining three races now that he's achieved this major milestone (or something like that...you get the gist). Phelps paused for a second and then said, "I'm going to go back and get some food and some rest."

Gotta love that the world's most decorated Olympian is keeping it simple. So I figure if it's good enough for Phelps, it's good enough for me. Come Wednesday, I'm going for the food + sleep action and until then, I'll swim like the wind.


ale norris said...

the husband & i are planning a trip to marfa when it cools down a little bit. i've always been really curious about the marfa lights (i'm a believer!), but i've never made it out there. and i of course want to stay at thunderbird or el cosmico, because...you just have to once, right?
hope you guys have a blast!
-ale @ http://24thru30.blogspot.com

urbanrhetoric said...

we just came back from a 3 week trip out there...we actually stayed in alpine but spent quite a bit of time in marfa. would be great to see a post of your favorite places there! i loved planet marfa and padres b/c both were so kid-friendly (and we could still get adult drinks. hurray!).

have a great time!


Joslyn said...

Hi Pemora
I did a little Marfa guide last year here:

UrbanChiqueNess said...

Just love your pics..always! Enjoy your well deserved escape. We leave for our island escape Friday. Can't wait to be off the grid.

la la Lovely said...

Have a wonderful trip. Hope you think of nothing other than your family, food, and fun!
xo . trina

erica lorraine scheidt said...

a perfect post.

lea said...

Great pics as usual. Just saw your house in Rue and I am going to sound like a freak stalker but- it is AMAZING! This coming from someone who loves crazy bright interiors. I want your house! It is perfect. Would love to see pictures of the front and outside around the pool. From the few shots you take around the pool it seems to just blend in with nature and have plants all around- again perfection. You are a super talented gal with cute kiddos too! Have a great vacation.