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A few of my favorites pieces from art.com, from top -- Paul Klee: Munich Bay, the Military Dugouts, Against a Backdrop of the First Houses in Milbertshofen / Yves Klein: Anthropometrie / Donald Judd: Drawings at Castelli, 1976 / Egon Schiele: Little Tree (Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance)

I mentioned in my S.F. trip recap that I was there for a fun Art.com project, and I finally get to give you guys the low down...

The company invited a group of bloggers to partner with them in launching the new Art.com site, which kicked off with that aforementioned trip. During the one day summit held at The Bold Italic, we learned about their mission and vision for the relaunch, dug into the new features of the site, and got some behind the scenes peeks, including how they made their (v. cool) new television spot.

My "one piece" for the summit -- Beach Exercises...

The Art.com team also invited each blogger to chose a print from their site that resonated with us in some way. When we arrived at The Bold Italic, the pieces were framed (to our specification) and set-up along the walls, creating an art gallery representation of the people in the room. Later in the afternoon, each person stood next to their piece and took a couple of minutes to share what made them select it, why it was special to them in some way. It was such a personal and lovely exercise to hear people talk about art they loved and why it moved them...by far one of the coolest parts of the day.

Over the next few months, I'll be sharing a couple more posts sponsored by Art.com featuring more of that art conversation (things like how to suss out the art that you love), but to celebrate the new site launch I wanted to give you guys a peek at what's new on Art.com.

The incredibly cool (but also incredibly challenging) thing about the previous site is the fact that there are over a million prints to choose from, making finding exactly what you love a bit, well...overwhelming. With this in mind, the Art.com team carefully considered how to make the site beautiful and inspiring but also functional and easy to navigate. They also wanted to use the relaunch as a way to "alleviate the anxiety most people feel when buying art and forever change the way art is experienced and consumed... to surprise and delight every step of the way".

No small task, but I think what they've created hits the mark.

Here are some of the highlights...
  • Search For What You Love: You can narrow down your search by subject, artist, art styles, product styles and a slew of other options. And for peeps who know exactly what they want, the newly designed site allows them to easily browse 1.5 + million art images available on Art.com by artist, subject, or collection.
  • Get Inspired: For those times when you need a little inspiration, you can also browse curated collections from inspiring "insiders" and tastemakers, including interior designer, Charles de Lisle and Tank Magazine editor Caroline Issa, among others. There''s also a selection of "Inspiring Spaces" which showcase handpicked art that reflects current design trends like "Modern Rustic" or "Moroccan Wanderlust".
  • You + Art: This is a fun personalization feature that allows users to collect and share art they love. You can create galleries, see picks on the wall before you buy, and interact with other users in the Art.com community.

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