Loving...(Late On A Wednesday)

Marta perusing books on Garance Dore. I love her slouchy white tee and her super short bob and that camo tote. All of it, so chic and lovely...

And then there's Garance herself...pretty much the epitome of chic and lovely, yes?

A dreamy peach tassel and branch mobile. This would be such a sweet baby present...so perfect for over a crib.

Wine and water in "the garden of Barbara, John & Eugène" via At Swim-Two-Birds.

Mocuin Home Collection for Urban Outfitters via Lena...Pure pattern awesomeness.

Picasso (pondering) at his studio via All Things Stylish. Wonder what he's thinking about?


Monika said...

That's my favourite photo of Picasso. I'd really like to see into his head.

Unknown said...

I think those Mocuin Home Collection cushions are fantastic. I'm trying to make our tack room more homely, these would look great in there.

Fern and Feather said...

that photo of Picasso has stopped me in my tracks... i love it... I want to blow it up huge and study every little bit. so good.

heronkady said...

I love your blog!
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