Ok, after hours of tweaking, I finally resolved the blog issues (insert a major sigh of relief here). This is where my OCD really kicks in friends. I just couldn't walk away until I figured out what the heck was wrong. Even if figuring it out meant switching over to an entirely new template, redoing all the formatting, and deleting and republishing several posts (losing the comments along the way). Oy. But hey, I did it, so there's that.

Before we launch into this week's loving list in celebration, I will say that last week's four work shoots + the shoot at my house all went (really) well, so I suppose I was due some bad luck, yes? I can't wait to be able to share the photos of our house. Stay tuned...


Ok now for what I'm loving of late.

Holy awesome Maryam Nassir Zadeh + The Glow. Her immense loveliness and impeccable taste captured via the perfection that is The Glow is perhaps the best combination of all time. I'm smitten. Big time.

But I'm especially smitten with her daughter's skeptical and slight grumpy expression...Millie rocks this very same expression all the time. Good times.

Amelia's painstaking recipe recreations (right down to the perfect plating and food styling) make me beyond happy, and I don't think I've ever seen any dish lovelier than these purple potatoes on that bright blue Heath(?) plate. Just wow.

An awesome photo collage via Le Dans La... But I'm a big fan of the photo collage of late.

A genius (healthy) cake for breakfast via Bird and Banner. My girlies would go nuts for this festive action...plus maybe it would divert me from sugar once and for all. Maybe... (Can you tell that whole enterprise isn't going very well?)

The necklace of my dreams via Banquet... Anybody know where I can obtain said necklace perchance?

Kate's new print shop. Kate possesses an incredible ability to capture all the small, special, magical moments like no other. I am so excited about her new endeavor.

Megan’s Stuff Does Matter Manifesto via the lovely ladies at dullDiamond. It's really good...Ready?

Stuff has a place in our world and in your life. Objects matter beyond their utility. Caring about things is not wrong. Your stuff helps you make sense of the world. Stuff connects you to people — to your past, present, and future. Stuff provides beauty, meaning, and experience. Stuff helps you remember and share.
 There’s a difference between mindless consumption and the way you feel. Value what you have.
 Buy only what you love. Savor what you own. Allow your things to enrich your life. Choose gratitude over guilt. Know that the things you love do matter.

Megan gets it so right.

Oh and, it should be noted, that I'm an awfully big fan of all of the stuff made by and in the homes of those dullDiamond ladies...that bracelet and table-o-plants above especially.


Chelsea said...

I am having a major moment with photo collage as well. I love your picks, as always. I am glad you resolved your issues with the blog. xo

Caitlin @ Sacramento Street said...

SOOOO happy the photoshoots went well. xxx

Janice MacLeod said...

I am loving the photo collage on the stairs. I don't know if I'd make it to the top with all that gazing along memory lane.

Ana Degenaar said...

I adore this post + if you every have blog issue contact me... or for a re-design ;) xo

About Last Weekend said...

Love that photo collage against the white stairs, I have them all in albums but of course we never look at them that way.