A stunning Francoise Hardy and her babe via The Sphinx and The Milky Way. I have moms on the brain big time of late, as I'm working on an exiting project for the new gig...stay tuned.

And speaking of The Sphinx and The Milky Way, how lovely is the lady behind the blog, Lauren, as shot by Kate for Ermie??! Wow.

Marni chairs via A Piece Apart... They're like insanely chic, totally artful lawn chairs. Love.

Pamela Love's magical wedding in Montauk via Vogue (photos by Hannah Thomson). Every single detail is perfection.  All of it.

Confetti's cobalt blue dress. The 100%, totally and completely perfect blue. The blue of my dreams...

Valerie Rubinaccio's photography and jewelry. She's a double threat that Valerie Rubinaccio. Just sayin'.

Ship and Shape's summer collection. But, for me, Ship and Shape can do no wrong...Oh and how fantastic is that shot above?

John Cullen's stunning photos. Perfect vignettes.  

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lauren said...

you are TOO sweet
this MADE me day