One of the most fun occurrences in this little online world is when I encounter a blog written by a person that I've long admired in the print world. (That was a mouthful, sorry.)

For instance, one of my favorite articles was a piece in Cookie written by Jenny Rosenstrach. She chronicled her attempt at breaking out of a dinner rut by cooking something different for her family each night for a month. I ripped that bad boy out and read it five times. I liked it that much. Then I found her online at her genius blog, Dinner A Love Story, and we began a little correspondence. It was an online highlight for sure. And to this day, I am a massive Jenny fan.

My latest print-to-web crush is interior designer Laura Clayton Baker. Her house, featured in MSL several years ago (above, images by Victoria Pearson), is one of my all-time faves. Again, I ripped that bad boy out, and I go back to it all the time for a dose of design goodness... So I was psyched to stumble across her hugely inspiring blog Painting Box.

(Brice Marden drawing with stick)

(Alexander Calder "Blériot", 1949, painted metal and wire.)

Baker uses the blog to collect her inspirations but (and this is the really cool part) rather than haphazardly sharing them, she delves into a specific topic by showing connections from one image to the next. By the end of a long post, you are totally immersed in the subject at hand. From unbroken lines to desks to lush green, you're wrapped up in Baker's aesthetic world, almost like your witnessing her creative process firsthand.

I'm officially addicted.


About Last Weekend said...

Fantastic, her house is so similar to some of the houses on the beach where I grew up in New Zealand, so comfortable and peaceful at the same time. Hopping to read her blog

Laura Clayton Baker said...

Thank you! I was delighted to come across this post last night. It's an honor to be included in a blog I really enjoy. You've inspired me to get started on the next post on painting-box!