Scenes From the Weekend (And the Ship and Shape Winner)

Megan Adams' lovely clutches...

This was (and I don't exaggerate when I say this) quite possibly my productive weekend, of all-time. It was not, however, glamorous in, well...pretty much any way. To wit, there was closet purging and drawer organizing and the general rearranging of stuff and backyard sprucing and planting and patio scrubbing and replenishing of summer clothes for the girlies (which involved an epic trip to the mall that I'm still recovering from).

Suffice to say, it was some pretty crazy action.

And yet, I somehow managed to get the entire family in on it. (Ok I bribed them with the promise of a trip to the movies on Saturday (+ popcorn + candy) after all our work was done...I pulled out the big guns.)

When we weren't taking part in "operation hard core house refresh 2012" (yes, we named it), we also managed to fit in a terrarium making class with lovely cousin Erin, some bowling with our buddies, a few shop visits for work, an impromptu family dinner with Christine + fam and the beheading of an embarrassing quantity of chocolate bunnies. Oh and I wore a (bright) green shirt. I'm living large here friends. Watch out.

And finally, the winner of the Ship and Shape giveaway...congrats Kristin!

Hope you all had a splendid weekend!


Unknown said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Terrarium making class? FUN!!

UrbanChiqueNess said...

I have been dreaming of my girlfriends green handbag; then saw a huge Emerald spread in Lucky and now your green blouse...green with envy! Terranium class..how cool.
Sounds like a great weekend. We have been busy too...check it out.

kristin said...

OH! I won?! Omigosh! Thank you so much! How exciting!!! I actually had a very similar weekend - the weather warmed up and suddenly I had spring cleaning fever. Drawers were emptied. It feels so good, eh?

Ewa Prokopczuk said...

I think tis the season for spring cleaning and re-organizing. Beautiful green color! It's fresh, bright and so cheerful - exactly how spring should be.

:) Ewa


Melissa said...

I, too, have spent an awful lot of time shopping for my kids for spring/summer clothes. What a chore! I love the new green top (J. Crew?). Is the rug in your house too? Also love. Hoping to take inspiration from your organizing/cleaning spree!

TX Girl said...

It was great meeting you on Thursday night. All my girlfriends left commenting how darling you were and raved about both the shirt and the necklace.