The Process of Falling in Love in Five Steps

1. Spot a cluster of lovely ceramics on Pinterest.

2. Click through to Design*Sponge (the source of that ceramics image) from Pinterest to discover that said ceramics were created by Angela Hodgkinson (one of my faves).

3. Click over to Angela's blog, Various Projects, and catch up.

4. While catching up, become obsessed with photo of Solange Knowles at The Louve.

5. Click over to Solange's "Damn Blog" and proceed to obsess over everything before falling... Hard.

The interwebs is a magical place, yes?


Chelsea said...

That is how it goes...a chain of internet obsessions. I can't wait to click through all of these links. xo

Various Projects said...

Ha! Love it! Thank you so much, Joslyn. :) x

Unknown said...

I really like the ceramics x

helen tilston said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog.
I found you though our friend Lisa at Bloomsbury Life.

As your new follower I look forward to knowing you and to welcoming you to my blog


Felicitas said...

You are right! A delicious obsession! Very simply put... tks! Felicitas

Unknown said...

Oh yes! I love Solange - she so cute ;) I follow her on instagram and she was just in Marfa!

Anonymous said...

Solange is the best!