In Praise of Single-Tasking

A teeny, tiny detail pic snapped on my iPhone from yesterday's shoot

Something miraculous happened yesterday. Ready?

I did not access the interwebs. At all.

I spent the work day at a house shoot where the homeowner had no Internet access (No internet access people!), so, when I wasn't downing an obscene amount of coffee in an attempt to stave off the effects of the previous evening's insomnia*, I was focused wholly and completely on, wait for it...doing my job.

It was a revelation this single-tasking. No popping over to Pinterest, no peeking in at blogs, very little e-mail (I did have my iPhone, but I purposefully tucked it away for most of the day). I forget how much better I am at something when I actually give it my focused attention,when I'm present, fully engaged, in it.

Game changer...for sure.

{*thanks for all your comments about the insomnia...you guys had so many amazing suggestions and made me feel like I'm not the only sleepless zombie out there trying desperately to hold it together.}


Heather Taylor said...

dude. i needed to read this. so smart and simple and obvious but easy to forget. love the poppy pic too :)

Ana Degenaar said...

I also forget how magical that is. I don't think I've stayed away from the internet for a complete day in a long time. The internet world is making me so tired lately. I might stay off for the entire Easter time.

UrbanChiqueNess said...

There is nothing better than a day unplugged. We actually went weeks while on vacation last August. I managed to only post a handful of pics in 30 days...it was blissful!


Jodi said...

I too just spent a few days deep in the countryside with no internet access. It was refreshing and inspiring (just like your blog) x

ashley said...

yeah, it's hard, but when it actually happens it's so worth it.

nichole said...

Amen. I hope people learn to pull back a bit more. It's so important to get out, get fresh air and to not feel like we have to record every single moment of our lives.

I just read an article on Nature Deficit Disorder.

The fact that Nature Deficit Disorder even exists scares the hell out of me!