Quietly stunning "objects" all perched on that perfect concrete ledge via C.C.'s pinterest. (That egg lamp is pretty spectacular too, yes?)

Debbie Carlos' obsidian, brass, and jasper bracelet. I love the mix of the ethereal blue beads with the little pop of black. Just so, so good...

Apartmento...which, along with The Gentlewoman, falls squarely into the category of completely awesome obscure magazines that are impossible to procure in Dallas. ;-(

Diana Scherer's Flowerfield... (Via Fleurlux.)

That little blue crystal under that little vintage dome (via Ethanollie) and, well... pretty much everything else happening in the scene.

Commune's "finishes as art".

And Helen Frankenthaler's actual art...all of it. (Photo via Ernst Haas Estate.)

And (to conclude the trifecta of art goodness) Accidental Formalist by Dianna Molzan via Fernanda Niven's fantastic art blog.


Lauren Manoogian's necklaces...and the styling...and the insanely lovely light in that top photo. Sigh.


Ana Degenaar said...

Yes! The light and that amazing necklace I've been trying to get forever ago. Le sigh.

Ginta said...

I'm using Bruil to get my Apartamentos. (http://www.bruil.info/magazine-apartamento/back-issues) Maybe it works for you too. ;)

nelya said...

As usual, your love lists become mine. So inspiring! I have a particular weakness for the perfect object sheltered within the confines of a glass dome. Love that little gem. Right now we have the most beautiful handpainted feather housed in a vintage, handmade glass cloche on a turned wood base in the MINTY shop. It's taking all my resiliency not to bring it home!

Congratulations on your new job, Joslyn! It is so well-deserved and the perfect showcase for your innumerable talents!

Secondhand Stella said...

Ah those necklaces are gorgeous. I need to check them out.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Melissa Marie Head said...

Happy Valentines! I want that bracelet so pretty

Sarge in Charge said...

Holy. Moly. I NEED that top Lauren Manoogian necklace.