Blogger's Favorites -- Mara of A Blog About Love

Mara Kofoed is all sorts of amazing... She's warm and insanely stylish (she's one of the original founders of the genius clothing line Harvey Faircloth) and generous and just, well... immensely lovely in pretty much every way. I had a chance to meet her at Alt and learn a bit about the blog that she co-writes with her husband. It is, as the title says, A Blog About Love, and it's wholly unique and romantic.

Given that Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be timely to have Mara share some of her favorite things with us... So without further ado, herewith Mara's list.

Enjoy and have a splendid weekend friends!

This lipstick is my favorite. I have been wearing it for months and every time I wear it, someone asks me where I got it. Since I get it at a pharmacy (Duane Reade) in New York, friends out West have been asking me to send it to them. I really do love this stuff.....it's the perfect red/orange, vibrant color. It's available on-line here in Vera Moore/Diva Orange. OR, you can get MAC - Lady Danger, which is pretty much the exact same thing.

I've pursued many endeavors over the years, but I've discovered that nothing that makes me happier than helping others along their path. I experienced a divorce and I'm currently on my 7th year of infertility. But I've learned a thing or two along the way. And I met & married the most wonderful husband who also learned a bunch along his path. And so we started A BLOG ABOUT LOVE to see if we could pass on some wisdom and maybe help some people. It's working. :) I think this could be my most favorite endeavor ever.

I love where I live in Brooklyn. I've lived in Mesa, AZ, Lynchburg, VA, and Paris, France....but I must say nothing has been more rewarding than living here in Brooklyn. It has definitely been one of the favorite experiences of my life. Between the people, the food, the sights, the walking lifestyle, the arts, the exposure to design/fashion/& creativity, and yes, even the hardships of living in a big city........I love it all.....and I'm grateful that I've been able to live here 12 years.

I am the biggest sucker for anything that smells good. I have a collection of way too many perfumes. But one of my favorites over the years has been Hanae Mori. My friend told me about it, and she said while she was wearing it guys always noticed it. And she added that she always had dates during that time. Well, I was single at the time and bought the stuff two seconds after that. Sure enough, on the first day I wore it...before I even got to my desk at work, a guy stopped me on the street to ask what I was wearing. Haha. I had to call my friend immediately to report the funny news. AND, how could I not include my husband's cologne. I kind of wish I could wear it myself so I could smell it all day cause it drives me nuts.

I am gluten-free & dairy-free - which means I can't eat just about every kind of dessert there ever was....EXCEPT THESE beauties from Lauduree! They are naturally gluten-free (they're made with almond flour) and there are many dairy free fillings as well. AND, WE ALL KNOW THEY'RE BETTER THAN CUPCAKES! :)

My husband and I are CRAZY about Mexican food. I was born in Arizona and so I was raised on chips & salsa, guacamole, and bean burros. My husband Danny cooks like a chef around here every night....and while I was at Alt Summit he treated himself to a new Mexican cookbook called Truly Mexican, written by the chef of a Mexican chef near our home. Danny has been delighting me ever since with the most killer Mexican recipes I've ever had...... shrimp with three-chile adobo, braised short ribs in adobo, guacamole with cucumber & pineapple. You know it's the real deal when the recipe calls for chile chipotle, chile guajillo, and chile pasilla.

I'm a sucker for beauty products. While I was at Alt Summit, I received a great little gift bag full of great products I've always wanted to try. These are two that I am going nuts over...Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer and Lip Sugar by Fresh. They're doing wonders. I'm going to be stretching these out as long as I can.

A few years ago I started HARVEY FAIRCLOTH with two friends. It's a clothing brand based in NYC. While I decided to move on to doing something else and am not currently involved in the day-to-day, it's still my favorite brand of clothing.


Xoxo ☺ said...

Fabulous post, going to be reading her blog xo

Molly said...

I love Mara and Danny's blog. Fun to see it on here!

Desi McKinnon said...

I love A Blog About Love. So great to see Mara here. I will have to try that Mexican cookbook. I'm the chef around here, but my Honey is a very grateful partaker in my creations. It makes it all worth it.

Jennifer said...

That's really funny that Mara says that about Hanae Mori, because my fiance did that exact thing to a woman wearing it! And, I got a bottle as soon as we were at the fragrance-giving stage of our relationship :)

Rona said...

I've never heard of that perfume, but it looks like it is worth checking out!
Mara seems very sweet and nice, I look forward to checking out her blog.

Lynne said...

What a great introduction! Thank you, Joslyn. I love her new to me blog.

Estelle Hayes said...

Mara was wearing my favorite red/orange dress on Friday night at Alt. It was amazing and I had to stop her to tell her so. Then I got one of her beautiful business cards (my favorite card - hands down) and now I'm just even more smitten after reading her list.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, the Josie Girl said...

I love your blog! Love the blog business cards, Laduree macarons, and the Lip Sugar is my favorite chapstick! Keep writing and check out my blog! -Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

Megan Taylor said...

So perfect for Valentines day!

melissa loves said...

Love this post ( one of my fave "blogger favorites") and love this gal. Briefly met her at Alt. too and she was SO incredibly lovely, stylish and amazingly, her generosity of spirit seemed to match up to her fantastic style. Right? Love it. A new fan.

Beth said...

didn't know those macaroons are gluten free, didn't even think to look it up... thank you thank you!!!