Blogger's Favorites Jen Pinkston (+ Minted Giveaway Winner)

First up the winner of the Minted giveaway. Congrats Tory! Have fun making your valentines.

Ok now for this week's blogger's favorites... I met Jen Pinkston one evening at Alt, and, after chatting with her for a few minutes, was struck by how genuine, warm and wholly laid back she was.

I was also drawn to her classic, impeccable taste. Alt was a sea of major stylistas friends. Girls that were rocking looks straight out of the J.Crew catalog with aplomb...It was impressive. And as much as I hugely admire the deft mixing of accessories and pops of neon and awesomely executed top knots, I feel a bit silly when I attempt those looks myself. In that way, Jen felt like an aesthetic kindred spirit -- albeit a kindred with some significant sartorial cred as a wardrobe stylist in L.A. (Which makes the fact that she's so genuine and laid back even cooler, yes?)

There's also the fact that she hails from Austin, loves Mexican food and is partial to French 75s (which, despite my less than stellar track record, is my all-time favorite cocktail).

Suffice to say, I like Jen. A lot...I've been addicted to her excellent blog The Effortless Chic ever since meeting her, so I had to ask her to share her favorites here with us this week.

So without further ado, herewith Jen's favorites. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!

Ballet Flats -- I know as a wardrobe stylist I should probably only be seen in 6-inch Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps, but let's be honest: Who really wants to run around for 10-12 hours a day schlepping clothes in giant heels? My personal style is actually pretty classic and feminine so I love to throw on ballet flats when I have a long day ahead of me. My two pairs of Lanvin ballet flats were definitely some of my more spendy purchases, but I can say with full confidence that they were totally worth it! I mean, if we are talking cost per wear, than they really only cost me pennies! (Image via net a porter.)

Traveling -- Growing up my dad used to plan these awesome vacations for us every summer. A lot of times they included all five of us piling into the mini-van and setting off in one direction or another. This was before Mapquest and GPS systems so the night before a big trip you could always find him at the kitchen table with his map all unfolded and making detailed notes. Every summer now my husband and I make it a point to go somewhere we have never been before. I love eating new foods, and seeing all of the charm and character that different cities have. I especially love all of the photos my husband comes home with! This is a picture of us on an almost deserted beach in Mallorca that we just happened to stumble upon. An hour later we were eating the most delicious seafood paella... heaven! (Image via Aaron Pinkston.)

The Farmer's Market -- I love the farmer's market because we never come with a list but always leave with with a bag full of goodies and usually something unexpected. We have bought everything from balsamic vinegar to fresh baked bread, wild flowers, eggs, and every produce imaginable there. We recently discovered this breakfast burrito stand at the Studio City farmers market that is amazing... and actually brings us full circle back to number one!

Rustic Interior Design -- I really want our house to be cozy and inviting for friends and family that come over so I try to keep the pieces comfortable and practical as well as interesting and stylish. Our interior style is rustic but balanced with some more glamorous accents. My favorite places to shop for our house in LA are Big Daddy's Antiques, Restoration Hardware, HD Buttercup and the Long Beach flea market. Oh, and for little odds and ends I love Rolling Greens on Beverly Blvd. We have a really sweet piece of art from there in our living room. The image is of our master bedroom-- my favorite room in the whole house!

Mexican Food -- I was born in Austin and now live in Los Angeles so it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Mexican food is hands down my favorite! The first meal I ever made for Aaron (my husband) when we were dating was a slow-cooker pork taco recipe that I found in an issue of Real Simple. I like to think that is what sealed the deal ;-) My current go-to meal if I don't have a lot of time is shrimp tacos. Shrimp sauteed with chipotle chili pepper and topped with lime juice, cliantro, and monterrey jack cheese on soft, white corn tortillas with a green tomatillo salsa. They are beyond easy! I am also addicted to Skinny Taste's chicken enchiladas. They are super healthy and still pass my very particular taste test. (Image via White on Rice Couple.)

Outdoor Living -- When we were traveling through Thailand this summer, all of our hotels had these amazing indoor/outdoor spaces. That was really when we decided it was time to look for a house. We were dying for a backyard and a patio where we could have dinner and entertain. In December we bought an outdoor heater and christened the space with a big new year's eve celebration! (Image via Remodelista.)

Our Annual Palm Springs Staycation -- This might be the most genius idea anyone ever had! (It wasn't mine, I am just lucky enough to get to partake!) Here goes: Every year, 8 of us here in LA rent this amazing mid-century house complete with pool and hot tub in Palm Springs for a weekend. We grocery shop on our way out of town so that once we step foot in the house we never have to leave. I am getting giddy just thinking about it! The weekend is full of sunbathing, board games, magazines, lots of things soaked in rum and best of all, amazing conversations with our nearest and dearest friends. It is an absolute dream! We are far enough away from work that we can really relax, but it is still only a two hour drive. Aaron took the picture above right before we left last year... I can't wait to go back! (Image via Aaron Pinkston.)

French 75 -- We bought our first house in October and discovered shortly after that we have what seem to be some of the most fruitful lemon trees in all of the world! I once picked 50 lemons and barely made a dent! Long story short, you can only drink so much lemonade and so I soon discovered the French 75. So delicious! Everyone seems to have their own take on this one, but my favorite recipe is: 2 parts gin to 1 part lemon juice with a splash of simple syrup and brut champagne to top it off. (Image via Drinks by Robert.)

The Warner Brothers Lot -- My husband and I met while we were both working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which tapes on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank. Even five years later, I still feel like a kid in a candy shop when I am there. They have this incredible costume house that feels roughly the size of a football field with three tiers of clothes hanging from every aisle. You can find everything from 60's mod dresses, to the original hats from My Fair Lady to ancient Roman garb and everything in between. They even still have the original Central Perk set from Friends that you can visit. It is really fascinating to me to think of all of the artists that have created so many amazing projects there over the years. (Image via Flickr.)


Tan said...

i just discovered French 75's last fall, which is horrendous given gin and champagne are my two favourite mixer/bevvies!
Thanks for introducing me to such a great, stylish blogger!

jessica obrien said...

i love this girl!!!! fab picks (mexican food! farmers' markets!) so now i'm tempted to crash her annual palm springs getaway.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Jen Pinkston was the one of my favorite things about Alt. What a cool chick she is!

Mimi / hello shiso said...

I have been wondering about Lanvin shoes. I tried on a pair some time ago and have been thinking about them ever since, though they are quite an investment. I always worry that ballet flats will kind of lose their shape but it didn't feel like these would. Hmm, I will probably start thinking about those shoes again...

I dress myself said...

Great post and pics. Can you please give me more information about your bedroom? I love the bed and the knit pillows and duvet cover. Where can a girl find all of these lovelies?

Thank you,


i met jen at alt too and feel the same about her!

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