Scenes From The Weekend...

I had an entirely different post planned for today... I was going to revel you guys with tales of feeling "off" and grumble about our lack of downtime. Scintillating stuff, yes? Suffice to say, it was going to be less than upbeat.

But (lucky for you, because who really wants to read a bunch of complaints on a Monday), I had an especially good chat on the way to work this morning with a really wise friend who said this:

"This moment is really the only guarantee we have. You need to find ways to appreciate it...Take a deep breath (or two) and find five things to be grateful for from your weekend and then move forward."

She's smart that one, so I'm going to do what she says. (And because I'm trying to be extra grateful, I'm going to do six, cool?) Here goes...

  1. An excellent dinner with dear friends
  2. A brunch date with Audrey and the world's loveliest sisters
  3. Blissful sunny weather
  4. The tea that Michelle sent me
  5. The goat cheese topped with apricot jam and Marcona almonds that I devoured last night
  6. A little note that Millie made for me that said simply, "Love Mom"

What are you grateful for this weekend?


Denise Fasanello said...

wise friend indeed. I try to write down a few things every night that I am grateful for or what I took note of during the day. It helps put it all in perspective. lovely blog

Mary said...

Totally hear you. Blogs are great for venting, but they're also great for capturing and expressing gratitude. I try to focus more on the latter than the former, although sometimes you just gotta let it out. Beautiful list.

My weekend highlights are on my blog, but I'm also grateful for homemade pumpkin-cranberry muffins, the 2-year-old who helped me make them, Downton Abbey, pinot noir, and tickle fights.

Betsy said...

I find I am grateful for the same things over and over:

clean water
fresh air
abundant food
safe beds

It's hard for me to complain about nothing fitting me at J. Crew from that perspective. :)

Happy Monday, Lady!

TX Girl said...

I always feel much better when I think about the things I'm grateful for. This weekend.. good friends, family outings to the rodeo, and my faith.

apieceoftoastblog said...

Gosh, that IS great advice! My weekend highlights:
1. Getting to have delicious Sunday brunch with you and Audrey!
2. Finishing my DIY projects for my bedroom
3. Spending lots of quality time with Sister Sally - best. friend. ever.
4. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel even though going through a breakup is sad, sad stuff
5. Getting a fresh haircut and enjoying the ride home with the windows rolled down
6. Crossing off lots of "to do" items and still managing to sleep in a little bit

Having 6 is totally better than haivng 5 :) Can't wait to hang with you again soon!! You give me the best warm fuzzy feelings.

Estelle Hayes said...

Well, I love this post. Starting each day with gratitude for even just one thing can change everything. And that absolutely sublime tea from Michelle doesn't hurt a bit.

Megan Taylor said...

Very grateful that I put myself out there. Normally on weekends, I want to hole up and be cozy on my own: reading, napping, reading, napping, more napping. This weekend, however, I was VERY social (3 plans with 3 different friends on Saturday and the same on Sunday -- a total change in pace). It was nice to feel close to people. So, basically, I'm grateful that I got to connect. xoxo

katie//salt+pine said...

Perfect list. And that tea box is so beautiful, wasn't it hard to open it? It took me a few days! So worth it, though. Drinking it is my little "Calgon" moment of the day. :)

s. said...

Spin class, ice cream bars :), 3 year old boys who reach for their mama when the mama needs it most, husbands with eyes that still make you melt 16 years after you first saw those eyes, and five year old daughters who are beautiful, fearless, and unlimited. Thank you J.T. for all that you unknowingly provide through your "lovely" blog.

Caitlin said...

What a wonderful friend. Having someone who changes your outlook to be more positive is the greatest gift anyone could have.

This weekend I was grateful for spending quality time with my mom, enjoying the sunshine and being able to enjoy some downtime before a hectic week began.

Thanks for this lovely reminder friend. xx

leila said...

What a wonderful advice. Once you start thinking about it, you can find endless thinks to be gratefull for and then you realise... You're a LUCKY person!

Simple Things said...

Grateful for the moments of beauty we can spot in each day- sunny skies, a good breeze, some birds singing, a smile from a stranger. Sometimes it's those little things that get you through the grumbles, right?

Gretchen said...

This is an amazing idea. It's particularly poignant because today I learned of a dear friend's father who is currently in ICU in the hospital. Yet another reminder to cherish every moment.

HDlove said...

Your blog is amazing!
Please check out mine (:

Erin said...

I start my day by listing the gifts I have been given -
- last night's sunset
- waking up early
- the perfect home-made London Fog

I've been so inspired by "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. I highly recommend it. :)