Some Scenes From The Weekend

The first weekend of December official marks the beginning of "the festive" at our house. I like to pause a bit after Thanksgiving before we get a tree and start pulling out the decorations... Somehow in all the hubbub of Christmas, I think poor Thanksgiving sort of gets the short shrift. I like to let it linger there a bit and get its due, but that's just me.

So aside from Audrey's nutcracker performances (which were really fantastic and lovely -- I'm so proud of my sweet girl), we spent the weekend spreading bits of holiday around the house --cuttings from the tree tucked here and there, some pine cones, little glittery bits, bowls of clementines...

I also instituted my annual (personal) tradition of "seriously chilling out" in December. There's just major potential for December to be overwhelming and harried, which is a foolproof recipe for irritability and bickering and whatnot. So I try to go full-on "type B+" in December. I let things get a little wheels-off if you will...like letting Audrey stay up (really) late to drink big mugs of hot chocolate while staring at the Christmas tree lights (Saturday) or not batting an eye when Millie insists that she's going to wear her nightgown for the entire day (Sunday). Ummm ok, I'm in.

It's amazing how relaxed you feel on Monday after a weekend like that.


JWK said...

I'm with ya!!!

Loui♥ said...

love it..
warmest hugs..

Ryan & Tanya said...

So very lovely! Congrats to your daughter on her performance! That must've been fun to watch.

Megan Taylor said...

Your sweet daughter with those roses...how wonderful! xo

Andrea and Sophie said...

Joslyn- your home is lovely...do you mind me asking where you got your cool white bottle brush trees? love them!


leah said...

I am totally with you re: "seriously chilling out" in December.

Nomadic D. said...

Um, can I come hang out at your house for december? All that seriously chilling out sounds amazing!


white sundress said...

I love it! Especially the nightgown part. .. I have been known to do the same (at 41 years old). .. heaven. Enjoy the season. So happy to have found your blog recently.



G said...

love your clean but very festive holiday decor - mercury glass, white ceramics, pinecones, a bit of sparkle and some greenery! gives that "chill" feeling, too. simple & lovely!
Enjoy the holidays and the downtime with your girls!
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Meredith Baldwin said...

Love, love, love the photos. The painting is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

Shahid said...

This art is looking so perfect..
Me love it..
Its looking so perfect and good..


kim said...
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Joslyn said...

hi andrea
i got the white bottle brush trees from crate and barrel a couple of years ago!