Blogger's Favorites -- Jenny of Aubrey Road

Jenny is one of those rare bloggers that manages to convey an entire world in very few words -- a sentence here, a quote there. (I, on the other hand, fall distinctly into the category of "the wordy blogger", but I'm trying to embrace brevity a bit more...Trying.) Her aesthetic sensibility is so focused, her vision so clear, that it more than compensates for her lack of online loquaciousness. And her taste, well her taste is enviable. I inevitably walk away from a visit to her stunning blog, Aubrey Road, completely inspired. It's a good space.

So I'm happy to have Jenny take us into the weekend with some of her favorite things. The list is just as lovely as you'd expect it to be.

Without further ado, herewith Jenny's favorites. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend friends!

WATER -- Even when I don't realize it, I need and have to have water in my life. Spending time in or around the ocean makes me feel a little wiser, more patient and generally more enjoyable to be around. (Photo via Sundry Sullen)

BLACK & WHITE INTERIORS -- I am endlessly drawn to simple, laid-back interiors that stick to a neutral palette.

SLOUCHY STYLE -- My personal style is super casual. I love simple pieces like jeans, tanks/tees, button downs and the occasional blazer. Of course Emmanuelle Alt owns this look and I love her.

(Photos via Stil Inspiration, Trendy Crew)

SWEETS -- I don't have a sweet tooth, I have a mouth full of sweet teeth and they like to be satisfied every day. I usually pick up treats from my favorite local health food market, but I also have something homemade on hand at all times. (Photo via Orangette)

NIGHTTIME -- I've always been a natural night owl (slash borderline nocturnal). Nighttime is my favorite time of day and when I feel most energetic and creative. (Photo via North Hawaii)

WORDS -- It pains me that a lot of my books are in storage right now. However, I'm a big believer that the right words will find you at the right time in any form--magazines, a movie, tumblr, whatever. (Photo via The Black Book)

TRAVELING -- It's hard to beat the experience of visiting a new part of the world for the first time (or even visiting old favorites again and again). There are so many places to see, I hope to get to as many as possible.

STYLING. I have a deep love and admiration for photography and prop styling. When the two are combined well, I can't take my eyes off the image. The way items interact and are arranged makes my eyes very happy.

(Photo via Sundry Sullen, Desire to Inspire)

GUYS WITH TATTOOS -- A handsome guy with tasteful tattoos will always make me stare a moment or four longer.(Photo via Young Folk Society)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on Aubrey Road. I really enjoyed looking through her blog. You're right: short, sweet, and to the point!

greenbeenfood said...

looks effortlessly fabulous...love the imagery. thks for the link.

la la Lovely said...

Great favs! I think I have a mouth full of sweet teeth, too. And I couldn't agree more about the right words finding you at the right time!

Mills (héron + hibou) said...

a very nice list. I like the water picture, so peaceful. I can almost hear the waves.

lorraine pennington said...

i found her blog about a year ago, i agree with all your comments......
i love her simple clean style

therese said...

I adore Aubrey Road, such a lovely blog to visit for inspiration and to open up my world
Thanks Jenny

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

huge fan of aubrey road, and you're so right about jenny.

great post.

julia wheeler said...

LOVE aubrey road and your description is right-on!