Laure's lovely photo of a perfect little snack moment... and the gold flatware. "Gold" flatware is at the tippy top of my wish list. If I weren't trying to be super diligent about purchases right now, I would snap-up this set in a heartbeat. I am very, very tempted friends.

Ilana Kohn's FW11 Collection (especially the Samet dress) -- it's been oft-blogged (and pinned), but I had to include nonetheless, as it's just really, really good!

More loveliness from the Alice Water's anniversary dinners via The Selby... This space with the simple white tablecloth and the pretty natural flowers and the wood and the light is just dreamy.

Annie Costello Brown's amazing jewelry (via the lovely Heather)

Wise words in Barbara Hill's Marfa abode (via Molly Ruth)

George Nakashima's home and studio... If hubby had a blog this one would be on his "loving" list too, just sayin'. (Photo by Paul Soulellis via Lena Corwin.)

Claire Nereim's "Winter Fruit" print...(but I'm a huge fan of pretty much anything Claire does!)

" Grown-up" art in a kid's space...Love it. (via Lonny)


Unknown said...

Gold spoons - yes! And Ilana Kohn is already on order for the shop - yay! I think her new collection is AMAZING!

Heather Taylor said...

i love all of this. period.

DEY said...

oooh ilana kohn's collection is so fab.


Brittany said...

i love mixing art together on the walls. :) and that dress...gah--it's just beautiful!