Bloggers Favorites -- Janette of Fashion Loves People

I first met Janette a couple of years ago at Renegade Craft Fair in Austin and was immediately struck by her warmth and loveliness... We had a chance to connect a second time when I was at Alt earlier this year, and again, I was smitten.

In our "fast fashion" obsessed, consumption-crazy culture, Janette is a great example of how you can be stylish while still embracing sustainability. Through her blog, Fashion Loves People, she proves out (by example) that fashion and mindfulness can co-exist harmoniously. It's a very inspiring space.

After starting the week on such a high from all the lovely, thoughtful, sustainably created goods at the Pretty Mommy pop-up shop, I'm excited to be able to welcome the weekend with a "blogger's favorites" subject who is sort of the embodiment of this idea of consuming in a more conscientious way. Thanks Janette for sharing your favorites with us this week!

So Without further ado, herewith Janette's list. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


Last year, my husband and I moved from Kansas City to San Francisco. This year, we've settled into an apartment we adore and are taking our time surrounding ourselves with things we love. We run a startup and work really long hours, so those personal touches at home are even more meaningful than usual. I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many special things, so my list today is made up of all things I own (or splurge on) and love -- thanks for the chance to reflect on what a lucky girl I am!

Flowers from Prairie Collective -- I wish everyone could have this shop in their city! Not only do the owners of Prairie Collective have impeccable taste in flowers, they also stock some of the best jewelry and design-y miscellany in San Francisco.

Vintage Kilim Pillows -- I was lucky enough to find most of my vintage kilim pillows on Craigslist, but I still keep my eye on a few favorite eBay stores for good patterns at great prices. Breeze of Anatolia regularly has some of the best deals on both pillows and rugs.

Upcycled Wine Bottle Tumblers by Bottlehood -- These have been on my favorites list for a while now, and my own collection has grown to a set of eight. They are the perfect glasses! Sign up for Bottlehood's email list for 10% off coupons every few months or so.

String of Pearls Succulent -- As much as I love succulents, I hate to admit that I'm sometimes terrible at keeping them alive. I bought these String of Pearls cuttings at a local market and have been amazed at how easy they are to take care of. Succulent success!

Bay Area Flea Markets -- This photo is from one day's bounty last month at the Alemany Flea Market -- and it's not even the big one! (The monthly Alameda Point Antiques Fair is.) So many treasures, so little time.

Signature Facial from Skin Remedy -- Here's another business I wish I could transport to everyone everywhere. Splurging on a thing like facials is new to me, but I took DailyCandy's advice recently and booked a facial with Justine at Skin Remedy, and yes, I had the most magical experience. Since when does a facial include a shoulder and a foot massage, right?! I'm hooked. Justine has styled her studio beautifully as well.

Stone & Honey Triangle Necklace -- I just bought this several weeks ago at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco, and it has quickly become a new favorite that I wear almost daily. It's perfectly dainty and sturdy at the same time, and of course it goes with everything.

Wall art from Tchmo & Alyson Fox -- Not only are these two pieces completely fantastic, they were also impressively affordable. It means a lot to me when I have a personal connection to the art on my walls, and I've gotten to know Alyson over the past year, so now I just need to meet the artist known as Tchmo. Anyone?

American Apparel Shawl Cardigan -- This cardigan dresses me up as comfortably as possible -- and it provides a perfect frame for the little girl I have on the way!

And an honorable mention goes to… Instagram -- For making all these photos look better than they would have otherwise, and for providing so many hours of entertainment and aesthetic socializing. (I'm @janette if you want to follow each other!)


Ana Degenaar said...

I love meeting new gorg bloggers. So happy you featured her.

Anonymous said...

this is a fantastic list.

Erin Riley said...

Janette, I have a hard time keeping succulents alive too, even though some people think they are the easiest plants to care for. What gives?

And thanks for the cardigan tip - I'm also pregnant and looking for some fall sweaters to wear with my jersey dresses.

loringp said...

Rockin' list! Any chance we can get more info on the cool poster featured behind the succulent in the fourth image (the one that says "Woodwards Gardens," etc)? I love it and would like to know where it comes from.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for having me, Joslyn -- what a treat! You're the best!

Ana & Kelly: Thank you, flattered!

Erin: My succulents did better when I was out of town and my neighbors watered them. Congrats on the baby!

loringp: Isn't it great? I got this repro from Gangs of San Francisco at the last Renegade SF (not available online), but you can search "vintage bus roll" to find them from all over.

Brittany said...

great and funky taste. thanks for the intro. :)

Nomadic D. said...

Great list! I have tons of kilim pillows too, my mom is actually a turkish textiles collector so I'm surprised I don't actually have a house stuffed floor to ceiling with them! Everything else on the list looks lovely too, I'm headed over to your blog right now to check it out!


evencleveland said...

It's always a treat to Janette's picks - so thoughtful + personal.

Tamara said...

what a lovely list. and i too am addicted to instagram. i've become completely lazy and hardly ever download pictures from my dslr anymore.

Sarah @ Designs Good said...

such a sweet pic of you and the little one on the way!