An Outfit (Deconstructed)...

After last week-end's initial assault on the closet (and subsequent goodwill-bound pile of cast-offs), I'm now moving into a phase II with my wardrobe, honing in on the things I haven't worn in a while but am still loathe to part with.

The fine-tuning is the hard part (it's easy to do a first pass/toss), as it requires more discipline that I'm usually accustomed to showing in matters of clothes. It requires some level of ruthlessness and lack of sentimentality even.

But I want to get this process right. I want to open my closet and love everything in it (and more important, I want to open my closet and have the desire to actually wear everything in it). Imagine one of those women who is incredibly stylish and consistent and sort of seemingly effortless...say, Sofia Coppola. You know she has a laser-focused closet -- In another words, I bet she doesn't have some totally ill-suited colorful print frock hanging in there (unworn) just because she went through a phase where she "thought" she should be wearing more whimsical clothes. Right? Right?

I thought since I was digging deep here, I'd use my outfit posts to "test-drive" some of the pieces in question... (kill two birds with one stone if you will). The oldie but goodie (I think) in this ensemble is the Miu Miu top/dress thing I got a few years ago at one of 4510's crazy amazing sales. It's unique, with some cool seaming on the sides, but it's not necessarily easy. The cut makes it interesting but somewhat challenging to wear, so it's languished in my closet for the past year.

But today I'm bold, and the top comes out of hiding...I'm feeling like this one might be a keeper. We'll see how the rest of the day goes.

The Details:

  • Top -- Miu Miu
  • Skinny Cords -- Gap
  • Shoes -- Chie Mihara
  • Necklace -- Vintage
  • Clutch -- Clare Vivier
  • Josie's Dress -- Liberty of London for Target


Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. I did a major purge of my closet about 6 months ago but find I have my rotation of favorites and the rest languishes in my closet...but I can't let them go because they are awesome. Just not on me. I'm taking a deep breath and digging in this weekend. And as a side note: I love those Chie Mihara shoes every time you post them. Let me know if those ever get purged! ;)

Emma said...

and i'm standing in line for the vintage necklace if that ever needs a home!

Anonymous said...

My closet makes me crazy sometimes !
I don't know if it's because i buy bad or if at the end there is always something missing or if i need a personal shopper to see what to wear !!!
(for other persons, i could be a perfect personal shopper), but for me, it's a shame ...I'm not often satisfied
and by the way, your shoes would have been perfect here for the fashion week !!

Frédérique from http://modeinkiosque.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

So simple and perfect!!
The other Jocelyn over at Clare just unearthed a couple more of those clutches so I snatched them up ;)
Your niece is adorable!! She must love being around her older cousins...

Lynne said...

That top is lovely on you. Those shoes are to die for-and I don't wear heals. I might try it for those, though. I(yes, a complete stranger who loves your blog) think this whole look is a definite keeper!

ali said...

I love it. Nice work, Joslyn.

erin said...

looks lovely from here! did some major closet purging this week. feels so good.

Nomadic D. said...

I hear you. I keep a bunch of stuff for those days when I'm feeling more adventurous, only those days come 'round so rarely and mostly the clothes just make me feel guilty! Like I abandoned the poor guys... haha, anthropomorphizing my clothes can't be a good thing. In any case, I vote KEEP on the miu miu top. I think it looks effortless and comfortable but still very chic.

Anonymous said...

I love that top, and your outfit is cute!
Definately a keeper.

You have inspired me, I have so many clothes I LOVE but never wear because I stick to the same items day to day.

Need to mix it up!

mb said...

I am ripe for a closet intervention myself.

Clare Vivier is awesome. I bought a great bag of hers in Toronto and wished I had gotten it in three different colors. Cross body shoulder strap and two smaller handles. Love it.

Great outfit. Love the shoes.

mb from Dallas

Unknown said...

What a beautiful vintage necklace. I've been looking for some similar for months. xo


About Last Weekend said...

Love everything about your outfit. The necklace is stunning. (And your little assistant is so cute) Yes I just donate whatever I haven't worn in a year as it just bothers me to see things not leaving the drawer.

Gabriella said...

Love how your daughter is in one of the pics with you :)
And your top is lovely!x

Alyssa Katherine said...

Cutest little girl!

And some GREAT photos!


Big Dadddy said...

Hope on not to late on this convo! I think this is one of those pieces that while your wearing you feel a bit shapeless, but when you look at someone else wearing it your like thats so cute. It just needs a step back to appreciate. I love it on you!