image via KITKA

The gallery-like vignettes at mjölk...and those wooden cups. Wow.

image via Montmarte

The forthcoming Anaise...a shop from the magical eye behind the beautiful blog, Montmarte. I can not wait.

images via honestly WTF

This genius DIY. That bracelet is rocking my world...especially jumbled together with all those sparkly numbers... (thanks Kelly!)

image via Nate Berkus

This gallery-wall perfection + the deep blue paint...and that chandelier too. Pretty much loving it all.

image by Heidi Swanson via Remodelista

Maybe the prettiest flower class ever... (+ how awesome is it that her dress matches the flowers?)

image via Garance Dore

This outfit...which I pretty much want to copy verbatim. (via Kristie)


Nicola said...

oh yes I loved that picture from montmarte too, I cant wait to see the shop and I actually saved the bracelet post to try later, it is so beautiful, a great round up. Thanks

JWK said...

LOVING that dining room! Every single thing about!!

Anonymous said...

I have that bracelet on my pinterest, and being Kelly, I thought you meant me! Alas, not so. I made one last night though. It's super easy to make, just hard to find the brass hex nuts. Let me know if you want one, I have extras.

denese said...

I'm drooling over that gorgeous dining room light fixture via Nate Berjus.
Oh how I wish it were mine!

It's perfect for my 'project 1004: kitchen meet dining' via www.plumlife.typepad.

thanks for the post.

stephanie. said...

i am so not a diy-er but i am definitely thinking of diy-ing that bracelet. love. gonna go scope out the husbands tool chest now...

Caitlin said...

I'm not a huge DIY girl but I'm seriously considering making that bracelet - it's awesome!

Thanks again for guest blogging today. xx

Tash said...

That bracelet, the flowers, that outfit, I want them all!

Sonchia said...

Great round up. And the bracelet - looks just as incredible on as in the images. I made one myself & have yet to take it off (weeks later). Try it.


Love your blog. A daily read for me. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

nicole lelacheur said...

Absolutely LOVE the bracelet.

Unknown said...

Oh, bracelet please be mine!! Gorgeous!