Blogger's Favorites -- Susan and William of House of Brinson

image via house of brinson

I love the details...

I might even go as far as to say I believe in the details. I think they matter; they make life more memorable, more special.

But I often worry this is a frivolous inclination, this passion for the minutiae. I was lamenting this to my genius friend Lucia recently, and she responded with some wise words from her mother (who also happens to be a completely brilliant academic, and academics aren’t typically known for being frivolous…so I felt better).

“If the beautifying details were not treasured then there too would go civilization: if good silver was never used, napkins not folded properly and put on laps, glasses not positioned just so, than all else would surely fail. “

I think Lucia’s mother must be friends with Susan and William Brinson. I do. Because these two phenomenally creative people (Susan is an art director and designer and William a still life and food photographer) do the “details” better than anyone I’ve come across. In their hands, a stack of cloth napkins becomes art and their cache of simple party snacks are rendered a still-life. Their gorgeous blog is a must-read. They are wholly inspiring.

So I had to ask them if they would share their favorites this week, and (lucky for us) they agreed. Get ready for some serious loveliness...

Without further ado, Susan and William’s favorites. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!

Susan's Favorites:

Dinner Parties -- I love entertaining. Sharing our home with family and friends is one of the things I look forward to everyday. We entertain in a casual way, so it is never stressful, we just hang out and enjoy each others company.

Nero -- Yes, this is our fur baby Nero and he is a reverse brindle boxer. He is TROUBLE and reminds us everyday we are not perfect. We love him for his high energy, thick head and unconditional love. Nero is our second boxer. We love the boxer breed and volunteer with rescue organizations when we can.

Weekend Breakfast -- Nothing makes me happier than having breakfast at home and hanging out on the weekends. We can sit and chat over a cup of coffee, while taking the time to bake something to eat.

Covered Teapots -- I collect covered tea pots. They can be hard to find depending on what region you are in, but well worth the hunt. I have always loved the modernist twist the covered teapot puts on a traditional design. It is functional too!

Farmer Markets -- I love canning, so fresh seasonal produce is important. I love this image from a trip to Pennsylvania. It was the best market and they had whoopie pies.

William's Favorites:

Cappuccino -- There is something about a good cappuccino that just sets the tone for the rest of the day. The creaminess of the milk and the silkiness of the espresso just let you know how right it can all be.

Cheese -- I'm a huge cheese fanatic rarely disliking any variety. Happiness for me is an unpasteurized cows milk cheese with a bit of a bite. These large wheels are from a shop in London, who get the goods straight from the farm.

Cookbooks -- I love picking up vintage and new cookbooks. It's always interesting to see the trends of food through the ages and what people think of them now.

Jell-O molds anyone?

English Breakfast -- An English breakfast is the breakfast of kings. I think I tried to eat this every day while we were in London. Eggs, beans, tomato, black sausage, toast and back bacon round out this dish fantastically. The Lumberjack breakfast has nothing on this one.

Street Art -- Expressing you vision no matter where you is a sign of believing in what you love. In Buenos Aires there was street art everywhere. So many expressions of politics, love, social issues, and just pure talent were spray painted everywhere. It really brings the city alive with emotion.


bk said...

absolutely great! beautiful photos too.

Fern and Feather said...

lovely photos... I am especially loving your covered pot collection. I rarely see those on my hunts but now I will have my eyes peeled. beautiful post.

greenbeenfood said...

brilliant - love the cheese shot, love the dinner party shot, love the covered teapot shot......(i have 2 of those just the same)...inspiring.

designchic said...

Wonderful photos...and I have to agree that it's all in the details!!

paula said...

such wonderful picks. I adore the details.

Winnequah Children's Garden said...

mmmm...english breakfast....nothing like it ;)

emma@themarionhousebook said...

covered teapots - something new to look for!

Joy said...

oh my goodness! that picture of an amish stand.. i live 5 minutes away! it's such a small world:D
lancaster county is so beautiful!
best wishes,