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After spotting Bunnyears.tv over on Smaller, I immediately piled into the big bed with the girlies and let them take turns picking a groovy vintage cartoon from say, France (of course) or the Czech Republic for us to watch. It's pretty genius stuff... so much more subtle and simple than the current line-up of animated TV.

We're obsessed.

And speaking of Smaller (and Christine), Little Bean is hosting a party next Friday, November 5th for Jaime Morrison Curtis' new book, Prudent Advice, which looks like a perfect gift for all your Mama friends.

Jaime will be there signing copies + there will be plenty of sweets, bubbly and some fun giveaways.

You know the drill...if you're in town, plan on stopping by. Little Bean parties are always a blast!

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Finally, check out what's going on over at D Magazine's excellent arts blog, Front Row:

"Join FrontRow As We Take Up the National Novel Writing Month Challenge"

Consider this your chance to churn out the great American novel complete with a built-in support group.

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erika said...

that bunnyears tv looks great, I will hopover to see, thanks.
enjoy your weekend!