Blogger's Favorites -- Vynsie of We Are 1976

The lovely Vynsie as snapped by me during this fantastic weekend...

You know, I'm not entirely sure when I first met Vynsie. We may have first crossed paths at an event or through our blogs or at her completely fantastic, wholly unique shop/art space/workshop hub, We Are 1976, but here's what I know for sure.

I was instantly smitten with her.

Vynsie is beyond lovely and warm and creative. And, she's one of the people who, by being here and doing what she does, is making Dallas an infinitely cooler place. So, I'm psyched she agreed to share what she's most inspired and excited by here with us this week.

Without further ado, herewith Vynsie's favorites. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend friends!

Radio. Specifically NPR. I distinctly remember the moment it opened my mind outside of my own world. This American Life, Savage Love, Studio 360 are my favs and every listen reminds me how much I don't know, to be more involved, and, whether I'm driving or staring at the ceiling, it allows my mind to wonder and wander...

Heirlooms inherited (and scavenged) from my Grandparents - such as a Freemasons book from the 40's, a watch won in a poker game in the 60's, or reading glasses from the 70's (that I've turned into my sunglasses). Probably because of both the generational and cultural differences, none of my grandparents revealed much of their past. It blows my mind that they escaped China during the Cultural Revolution, lived through WW2 and countless other stories. All the mystery surrounding their lives makes these little keepsakes and trinkets so much more precious.

Cats. As in real ones and kitschy weird artwork or knick knacky ones like this belt. Don't really know how to explain why other than they make me laugh. And waffles. Because I ate the best waffles of my life the morning I got my cat, Wednesday.

Hands. Real ones, drawn ones, and sculptural ones. The lines, callouses, and scars creates so many interesting textures. They remind me of old books with lots of secret stories. I got this beautiful image from Texas artists CJ Bradford at the Wild Flower Art Festival in Richardson a few years ago. I can stare at this aged knotty hand all day.

Fancy Restaurants. I love the formality and etiquette of multi-course meals with discrete servers that serve you on your left and call you Sir or Madam. Something magical about the whittling down of all your silverware as you leisurely go through each course. Clinky crystal glass, tiny vases with tiny flowers, beautiful linens, food presentation, subtle soft lighting, your butter even has it's OWN baby plate - a million tiny details so that you and your companions can properly enjoy the simple act of eating. (image via Claridges in London)

Political cartoons and Newspapers. To me, the most difficult medium to do well just because you can't bedazzle it. Not always the prettiest images, but I really admire Izar Cohen and David Foldvari's ability to boil down the most complex message into a single simple powerful graphic statement. (image is of people reading about the assassination of JFK)

Puppets. Not sure when this obsession began but I'm fascinated by them. Something about their construction and the puppet master's interaction with the objectb is all so intriguing and creepy! (image from Pierre Huyghe’s short film about Le Corbusier (say what!?) titled "This is Not for Dreaming")

My family. They make me normal. Kinda.


Anonymous said...

Love your picks, Vynsie. Really love the family portrait. If you like hands, you need to come to Baylor Hospital and check out the hand sculptures http://www.juliatexas.com/historichands.htm http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tip/7212

domestic dish said...

This inspired me to listen to more radio :)

Marie said...

That cat belt is sooo fab.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Julia said...

What a great interview! And picks :) I loved that shot of the family at the end!

Patria said...

oh my, i've spent the better part of this afternoon loving your blog. i kept it up on my laptop and came back to it when i could between tending to my kiddos. what a treat! i feel like i share some fun similarities with you in taste and even closets....i live in hawaii and i feel like it's helped me rein in my fashionista tendencies because i don't need to worry about a winter wardrobe and things tend to stay casual here so beach chic is popular. we lived in nyc for two years and i totally got in trouble there (: what do you think of emerson made? i just made a little splurge there. anyways, love your blog! Patria