Blogger's Favorites -- Abby of Abby Try Again

images via Abby Try Again

So here's the thing about Abby (or more specifically Abby's photos), she/they are magical.

I know that sounds a bit trite, but when a simple image can transport you back to a place in your life in such a poignant and powerful way that you literally feel as if you are re-living said moment (as happened to me here), that's, well...magical.

Or in the (more eloquent) words of one of my lovely readers, Krista re those very same photos that had me caught up in my flurry of nostalgia:

"i have never even been to austin and these photos make me nostalgic. that's a gift right there. to make me feel something for somewhere i've never been, yes?"

Yes. Absolutely.

Abby is a treasure. Endlessly inspiring. And lovely. I am so happy she's agreed to share her favorites with us this week. So without further ado, Abby's list. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!

Houseplants: I can't help but smile when I see a cute little plant. I'm not a huge pet person, maybe I can't handle the responsibility? But I love me some good, simple houseplants. They bring cheer to any room. (photo via here)

Being on the water: I absolutely adore being on, near or in the water. I love riding in boats, swimming or even just wading. I tend to be a very emotional and passionate soul, so I think the water calms me down. I love staring out into the deep blue sea! (photo via here)

Fresh donuts: I grew up just one block away from a tiny donut shop and one of my favorite activities was walking down to grab a fresh donut. I'm usually a salty snack kinda gal, but I do love me a fresh, hot donut. (photo via here)

France: When I was 16 I was lucky enough to spend a year abroad in France. I studied in a small French town and grew to love the language, people, and food. Beautiful old Romanesque churches, delicious treats, so much culture-how can you not love France? Seriously, if you've been and don't like it well, I'm very sorry for you....heheh ;) (photo via Abby --This was the house of her French host family*)

*ed note: I want to be an exchange student and live in that house...am I too old?

Glass Jars: I adore glass jars. I love storing food in them, craft supplies, whatever. I think they are pretty, useful and I love that they are totally reusable and recyclable. As time passes and we learn more and more about the dangers of certain plastics, I feel confident in my love of glass jars. (photo via here)

Strings of lights: A simple and affordable way to make almost any place feel like an "instant party" is to just add a string of lights. I will never ever get bored of this. (photo via here)

Brown paper: It seems like the perfect solution for a lot of problems. Need an instant tablecloth? Brown paper. Need to wrap a gift? Brown paper. Need to mail a package? Brown paper. Have kids in your house and no toys? Let 'em draw on brown paper....see? I love you brown paper. (photo via here)

Oregon: I am so in love with Oregon. Even though I was born in California and just moved to Texas, I will forever consider myself an Oregonian. I love the rain, the ferns, the coffee, the insanely gorgeous landscapes, the coast, the hippies, the waterfalls, the farmer's markets, the bikes...I love Oregon. (photo via Abby)


kate oates said...

Love the simple list of favorites. And Josyln, perfect fall wardrobe pick-me-ups.

krista said...

even her favorites are perfect. :-)

stephanie. said...

brown paper rocks.

Anne said...

Perfect list! I can relate to every single favorite.

Fern and Feather said...

what a perfectly lovely little list. I am equally as smitten with brown paper and donuts and Oregon and France and well your entire list.

Amy said...

Oregon rocks!!!

Natalie said...

First off, I LOVE the lights too, I think I need some! Secondly, I am an Oregonian at heart as well. (Grew up in Vancouver, WA right over the bridge from Portland but claim Portland nonetheless) Loved the post!

Stephanie said...

I'm with you on France, glass jars, and kraft brown paper (love your wit when describing the latter...).

Unknown said...

This is a great post – I love all these things. Each one has a special memory for me. Even brown paper. Yay.

kid collective said...

i adore abbey and oregon too! this is a great blogger's favorite.

Alice Q. Foodie said...

I say we just show up at that house, and tell them we are 22 and there as summer exchange students. It would be just like Vicky Cristina Barcelona, except not at all. :)

Alice Q. Foodie said...

btw - I am ALL about brown paper too. The rolls you can get in the stationery aisle for wrapping packages are the best thing ever.

Joslyn said...

Alice -- genius. when do we go?