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I love so many things about Simple Lovely sponsor, Lesley Evers...

I love that her line of über-lovely dresses, tunics and skirts is inspired by her chic and well-dressed mother... Per Lesley:

"I distinctly remember my mom wearing that dress and so many other cute cotton shifts like it. She wore those dresses all day long–to the park or school, while making meals or doing housework. Like most girls and boys, I thought my mom was beautiful no matter what she was doing."

I also love that her business is built on the strength of a team of incredible women... Again in her words:

"I couldn't do any of it without the team of women that work on it with me. Building this business is complex and thankfully I have a dream team, who one by one I recruited on the playground while our children ran around after school. Aside from normal business hours, we’ve all worked late nights, early mornings and weekends to pull it all together. I truly believe that my team is what really makes this business special."

But I really, really love that "Pauline" dress above (especially in the heather gray and camel) oh and I love that gorgeous, classic "Tess" number too. I'd wear that bad boy all. the. time. It's fantastic!

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