Blogger's Favorites -- Caroline of Greedy Girl

That girl up there isn't (the fantastically funny and lovely) Caroline... no it's a super chic girl that Caroline spotted on the street, photographed and then effortlessly recreated her outfit (below). And ever since spotting that particular post on Greedy Girl way back in April, I've been working on replicating that exact. same. outfit. for myself, which has resulted in an obsession with finding the perfect skinny (but not too skinny) black pants.

So thanks for that Caroline ;-)

Here's how the lovely and witty Caroline of the essential Greedy Girl describes herself:

"greedy girl is a catalog of inspiring finds from around the world and web. the greedy girl behind the blog is a newspaper designer in oklahoma city with a spending problem."

The only thing I love more that someone who can find killer stuff on a regular basis (the kind of stuff you never seem to find on your own) is someone that willingly admits how much they love to shop.

(I especially respect that given my love/guilt relationship with buying that inspires spending hiatuses and all sorts of other craziness...but I digress.)

But Caroline doesn't just find killer stuff, she also writes witty things about the stuff she finds -- a combo that makes her blog one of my very favorites. So I'm happy that she's agreed to share her favorites with us this week.

So without further ado, herewith Caroline's list. Enjoy and have a splendid weekend.

fortune cookies. i'm not a particularly superstitious person, but i take fortune cookies very seriously. i have rules. the fortunes can never be thrown away. that is bad luck. and fortunes must be read before taking a first bite of the cookie. otherwise, that is bad luck, too. (photo here)

typography. handsome typography. plain and simple. (photo here)

quiet time. can you blame me?

my dog's smile. nothing melts my heart faster than luke's toothy grin.

postcards. love buying them, sending them, receiving them, collecting them. (photo here)

museums. (and, even better, museum gift shops.) in an ideal world, i'd have all the time (days) in the world to get through a museum. i always regret not spending more time in them. (photo here)

glitter, sequins, feathers, lace and other ridiculous girlie things. just can't help myself. (photo here)


Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

She is hands down one of my favorite reads. Great post Joslyn!

paula said...

what lovely favorites. The dog smile is killer.

Unknown said...

you know how i feel about my greedy girl. no need to expound here.

remember her giggle at alt?! i loved her on sight. err. sound.

xoxo and thanks for this one, jos! karey

Joslyn said...

km -- yes she's pretty freakin fab.

Tamara said...

what a fun list. that toothy grin is fantastic.

One Pair Two Pear said...

we should swap postcards then! i adore them also -krsta

iheartkiwi said...

two of my favorite things... museums and postcards.

p.s. what a fantastic outfit! off to copy it myself :)

Ana Degenaar said...

I love her! I want to be her!

Mary Nevin said...

great post!
those shoes are AMAZING!
happy weekend

Unknown said...

Totally one of my favorites!! Humor & fashion - perfect combo ;)

Sarah Bradley said...

The perfect skinny black pants are J.Crew Minnie. So flattering! At first they feel like leggings. But after you wear them 20 minutes, they stretch a smidge and then they're perfect.

Joslyn said...

sarah -- good to know! i'll try them this weekend. thank you

stephanie. said...

thanks for the introduction. visited her blog and i love her writing!

Ashley Hasty said...

I'm a lover of all things girly as well! I love that last picture with the sequins and sparkles. It reminds me of art work I made as a child!