{Featured Sponsor Spotlight -- f. is for frank}

I first met the (incredibly) lovely and cool ladies behind f. is for frank, Shannah Frank and Casey Melton, at The White Rock Local Market on an ridiculously sweltering day last summer. I walked into their booth and pretty much instantly fell in love.

But the love fest was about more than just their jewelry (although I do love their jewelry... love.it. case in point, that bracelet on the lower left that I wear, well, pretty much every single day.) I kinda fell in love with how funny and mellow and nice they were. They had a little space set-up near their booth where kids could play with clay. It was hot and crowded and a little nutty, but Shannah and Casey were infinitely patient and kind to all the kiddos clamoring to make their own little creations.

That pretty much sealed the deal for me...but then again nice always seals the deal, no?

So of course, I'm thrilled to have f. is for frank on board as a Simple Lovely sponsor... Be sure to take a peek at their lovely things.

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Unknown said...

Very beautiful, love the ring! smiles.

Nikki said...

Theses pieces are so beautiful.