Some Thoughts on A Few Girls...

image via the sartorialist

First up this girl -- who really is more of a "lady" than a "girl" I suppose... Semantics aside, she's here because she just looks so darn rockin.

She is my sartorial alter ego.

I am not her when I get dressed in the morning, but I wish I were.

p.s. this image is from the 1970's and yet completely of the moment, no? Amazing how that fantastically confident, mildly unattainable stylish boho look is completely timeless...

Next up, this girl. Who most definitely, without a doubt, is a "Girl", capital "G." She's also my girl, and I'm having a bit of a love fest with her.

In a nutshell, Audrey is rocking my world right now. She's funny and witty and interesting and well...cool. I love hanging out with her, which is an awfully good thing since she and I are about to embark on a couple of whirlwind adventures (we're headed to California tomorrow to visit my sister and new baby Josie for a few days, and then we go on a quick overnight trip to NYC on Monday morning.)

I couldn't dream of a better travel partner than this kid.

And last but not least, this woman (not a bit of "girl" about her), Michele Oka Doner, who happens to be a insanely inspiring artist. But that's not why she's here.

No, she's here because she said this:

"Evolved women have begun to form a collective awareness of how to support one another. It goes way beyond 'what dress am I wearing tonight?' I really like women. I've learned how to negotiate a world filled with intelligent and attractive women, giving everyone their due."

Which I first spotted via Karey (who is a pretty amazing woman in her own right.)

I read and re-read this quote every few weeks...it's completely fantastic and also necessary, as I don't think the world does a very good job of teaching us women how to truly appreciate and support each other. I think society underestimates us a bit, perhaps even pits us against each other a smidge.

I have two sisters and two daughters...I'm all about girls. We owe it to each other to pick up where society leaves off and to rally and support and encourage each other. Fiercely.

Don't you think?


Jane Flanagan said...

I love this post and agree so much!

casey said...

this just put tears in my eyes. i love the idea of supporting one another rather than the catty, petty jealousy that can often occur with women. it's so ridiculous and harmful.

ps. you're pretty rockin' yourself!

erin said...

here, here! have fun on your adventures!

Estelle Hayes said...

Yes, a million times yes. Let's start a movement. That quote is just exactly what we all need to have in our daily lives.

Enjoy your adventures with your little lady.

Anonymous said...

Yes ma'am!

safe travels~

Anonymous said...

Amen and hallelujah to Doner's quote. Its easy to feel in competiiton with other women- the images we're fed about how we "should" be, look, act, etc. can put us in a state of viewing other women as a threat. It's sad. And ultimately a huge waste of time. I read a book once on creative visualization and one of the things that really stuck with me was the lesson in abundance. That there is more than enough for all of us. Enough space for everyone to be fabulous - so the idea is go get your abundance and be happy that others can get there's too.
Thanks for yet another great post, Joslyn! - donna

Anonymous said...

Love the quote!



Kayla Poole said...

I am in the library at my graduate school right now and almost let out an "Aw yeah" complete with a fist pump in the air after reading this post. Couldn't agree more with everything said, especially that stellar quote! Have so much fun traveling with your big girl...I am an early childhood educator and am forever amazed at the awesomeness of kids Audrey's (and Millie's!) age.

Cassi said...

That's awesome - I saved that photo off The SartoriaList when it was posted, too. It is so fantastic and inspiring for one-day-to-be-mommies... ;)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I'm with Estelle ~ let's start a movement! Girls Rule!

Unknown said...

Being a girl and having a girl...two of my very very favorite things! That quote rocks!

Annette said...

"We owe it to each other to pick up where society leaves off and to rally and support and encourage each other. Fiercely."

DEFINETLY!!!! This post is so timely as I'm starting a ladies study group tonight entitled "The Blessings of Friendship." Have fun on your trip.

Ana Degenaar said...

Daughters are such a blessings, I absolutely adore to spend time with my daughter, she is too a good friend♥

Caton said...

love this whole post!

KR said...

Love this post. I totally agree with you 100 percent. And Michele Oka Doner is a genius!

emma said...

First off - that first photograph amazing! Yes - that is what I want to look like every morning when I leave the house. Can't believe it is from the 70s.

Secondly, coming from a family of all women I think women supporting women is such an important thing. My experience with the blog world to date is that it is a very supportive environment and that connections and bridges are being made everyday between incredibly talented women! Yay us! Yay blogging!

Fern and Feather said...

first - i had to re-read that that photo was from the 70's... crazy chic!
second - I know that one day Henry will be my travel buddy and best pal but I hope that I have a daughter too. That has got to be so magical.
third - that quote is totally the blog world... I am calling us all blogettes.


Charlotta Ward said...

Though I only have one daughter and one sister by blood, I have many of both kind by heart and friendship.
Girl power rocks!

xx Charlotta

Leslie said...

Fiercely!!! For sure.

Love it.

karey m. said...

i remember you wrote to me as soon as i posted that one...i love that it sang to you, too.

that means our girlies have a better chance at surrounding themselves with good ones, yes? yes.


CJ said...

I have to agree, and wish I had a sister or daughter to share with... I will have to instill all this into my two darling boys instead and hope they can be enlightened enough for those "intelligent and attractive" evolved women in the future.

Pervaiz said...

It looks so beautiful.