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Some favorite project wedding images... fall wedding + thread bridesmaid dresses

Aussie wedding + Perfect succulents

Despite the fact that I’m not actually, well…planning a wedding, I am awfully smitten with Project Wedding and their rather stellar blog, One Lovely Day.

I loved planning our wedding… So much so in fact, that I actually mourned the end of the planning once we were back from our honeymoon. (Truth be told, I probably still mourn the end of the planning…I love planning a party. Love. It.)

So 10 years later (Bryan and I celebrate our 10th anniversary this October which really blows me away quite frankly) I now find myself channeling all my wedding planning energy into the girlies' birthday parties. It’s actually a nice (read: more mellow + cheaper) replacement.

I currently have no less than five DIY ideas culled from Project Wedding for upcoming soirees…Jordan’s vellum mobiles are inspiring a rainbow/unicorn themed bash for Millie later this year, and there are entire dinner parties rolling around in my brain solely based on some lovely flower arrangement or table setting spotted on the site.

It’s good stuff friends…take a peek.

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Jane said...

Hi Jos! I love.love.love this site. Hoping to make those vellum mobiles for an event I'm doing in July. I think I need to get started soon. I'll take pictures for you! Miss you!

Unknown said...

We must either have similar party planning brains or some girlies that love rainbows/unicorns because that's what I was planning for my Emma's birthday in September! Yes, already planning for September...

Emma is glued to the window while it is raining so she doesn't miss a rainbow and just adores "uncurns!" (unicorns) lol. I hope you have yours first so I can "borrow" some of your great ideas :)