A Few Random Bits...

First up, An Awesome Book (literally.)

I am pretty much in love with this book...So much so, that I've deemed it our go-to birthday present from this point forward. It's a good reminder that somewhere along the way we lost our ability to dream big, magical, life-changing, world-altering dreams and instead have settled for this idea that it's more acceptable to dream of cell phones and silverware.

In the words of author, Dallas Clayton via the Huffington Post:

"The book is about dreaming big. I wrote it for my son. He always has these amazing dreams about really fantastical things, like made up animals, and wizard hunts and far away lands just like most of us used to conjure when we were six. Trouble is, at some point a lot of us stopped dreaming those fantastical things and replaced them with dreams like oak dinette sets, and duty-free cologne. I can't say why exactly, but I think it has something to do with the prizes they give out on game shows.

Anyhow, I created An Awesome Book to try to speak to that -- the idea of moving our amazing wild imaginary dreams just a little bit closer to those more tangible, simple daytime aspirations."

Awesome, no?

Next up, our first little harvest. (These are the things I dream of lately in case you're wondering...growing copious amounts of strawberries.) It wasn't much (five strawberries to be exact), but it thrilled the girlies beyond belief. They were over the moon. It's the simple things friends.

And finally (I tell you these lists get more random every week...) the blue agate necklace that Marisa kindly made for me after the one I was seriously coveting sold out.

I. Love. This. Necklace.
Thank you for making another one for me Marisa. You rock.


la la Lovely said...

Oh this books sounds fab. I love and adore a good kids book. Thanks for the suggestion.

Loui♥ said...

gotta find this book!
three grands under the age of 9 who are so into all things electronic..
television has been their constant babysitter since birth..they seem to live in the car..always heading here and there..activities, play dates..etc..
they are rapidly losing the ability to be children by not utilizing god given gifts of imagination, curiosity, spontaneity..
but of course it is the PARENTS who teach their children by example, not grandparents...
also.. love the necklace..it is a beauty!
warmest hugs..

Tamara said...

wow, thanks for the book suggestion -- i love how you can see the whole thing online! fantastic find.

Breezer said...

The necklace is gorgeous.

And thanks for the tip about the book. I'll have to check it out for my daughter!

Sarah Bradley said...

That necklace is gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

Kristen said...

This might be random, but would you mind telling me what brand black shirt that is. I am constantly looking for the perfect black or white or gray shirt. That one in the last picture looks so flattering!

Love your blog. Daily read!

Engracia said...

We have that book, Luke thinks it is "awsome", he frequently uses that word which is not commonly used in Australia, shows how often we have read it I think.
Have agreat day Joslyn.

Meghan said...

Isn't it amazing how crazy, insanely, happy eating food that you GREW makes you. I am telling you if the brussel sprouts I've got in the garden actually make brussel sprouts, I may die.

Sallie said...

That is an awesome book. I need to buy one now. For me. Because I sometimes need to be reminded of my own dreams. :)

Joslyn said...

kristin -- not random at all...a good shirt is hard to find ;-)

it's acutally from target a few years ago...i wear it all.the.time.

but i've gotten equally fantastic ones from c&c california!

Clare B said...

I absolutely love that book. It's also been a staple birthday present of mine - but for adults too! I love the drawings and the sentiment is great.

Elle Sees said...

LOVE that necklace. I'm squinting my eyes and pretending it's me in the photo!

Cassi said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that book! I just bought three (3!) copies: one for me, and one for each of my two close girlfriends who are both pregnant, and Libras, so I know they will really enjoy the fantasy element. This book is seriously cool. :)