{Featured Sponsor Spotlight -- Hijkids}

I am smitten with every. single thing. at Hijkids...the dresses, the tops, the skirts...the dolls and little accessories... Yep pretty much all of it.

And I am thrilled to have them as a Simple Lovely sponsor, as I've loved their stuff for a long time, and I'm awfully fond of the fantastic lady behind the shop, Kristine Vazquez. But it's even more fun to have them on board, as there's a little back story...here goes, just in case you're wondering ;-)

Once upon a time (or a little over a year ago), I took a sewing class solely based on the goal of turning out all the pretty things on offer at Hijkids... It was a lofty goal, I admit.

I swore for much of the class (much to the chagrin of my fellow classmates) and left with a bag I'd managed to cobble together and the realization that sewing is hard. For me at least, it's really hard.

After a couple more swear inducing attempts at wrestling with my sewing machine, I reasoned that maybe it would be better for me to just buy all those lovely frocks and tops and skirts at Hijkids... Or at least it would certainly help curb my potty mouth.

And seriously friends, (if I could) I would buy all of it. Kristine has fantastic taste (just check out all that goodness above), and the pieces she selects for her shop are interesting and sophisticated and different and lovely while still managing to be totally kid-appropriate, which is not always such an easy feat.

So go take a peek + as an added bonus, for one week, Kristine is offering 25% off all apparel (including sale items!) for Simple Lovely readers. The discount is only available for U.S. orders only and runs through end of day, Thursday, June 3rd. Just enter "simplelovely" at checkout to redeem. Happy shopping ;-)

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Estelle Hayes said...

My sewing mouth is filthy as well. You are not alone my friend. Sewing can be hard. These little numbers are beautiful, though.

Tilley love said...

I just bought the Dahlia cardigan for my little girl. So sweet. What a great discount. Thank you!

orange sugar home said...

my friends and I were just chatting today about how hard sewing is!! some people just get it! I don't. I wish wish I could sew beautiful things. Maybe one day I'll have the patience. Lovely clothes!!

Cassi said...

Tilley love - that cardigan is SO darling! If I had a little girl, or if any of my many prego friends were actually having girls, not boys, I would totally buy it. All of these clothes are so unique and gorgeous.

Unknown said...

how precious!!!

~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Engracia said...

Beautiful clothes, wish I had a girl, sniff.

erika said...

That looks so great, love thos simple but very stylish dresses!

Kim in the Cove said...

Joslyn, I've tried sewing several times and came to the same conclusion. "We all have our gifts." It's so good to give something a try though - think how much appreciation we can have for the handiwork and skill that goes into these pieces. :)

Melissa said...

I have to leave another comment. Kristine is so great! She e-mailed me after I ordered the Dahlia cardigan to inform me about sizing. She then mentioned the cute top that would look darling with the cardigan. I originally didn't purchase it because I thought it was the wrong size. Because she talked to me about sizing and offered to ship the top in the same order, I got the top as well. What personalization!

(Melissa or Tilley love)

paula said...

just ordered the sweetest dress for ellie. Thank you!

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

ahh... so adorable!!!

Unknown said...

very nice! i love all of these sweet outfits!