Scenes from The Weekend

Sunday afternoon = sunshine + french press coffee + Devo videos on YouTube with the girlies... a good day, no?

It was inspiring weekend.

Or rather, I was confronted with several inspiring moments, places and people, starting on Friday evening with our friends Lucia and Pete and their sweet girlies Ava and Felicity (actually it started a smidge earlier…more on that later.)

Lucia and Pete are immensely lovely and creative. This was our first visit to their home, and I was totally mesmerized. There was something fantastic and inspiring in every nook and corner – a piece of Lucia’s art, a perfect little vignette, a stack of great books... + They made us an amazingly yummy dinner (Bouillabaisse, salad, panna cotta + homemade pizza for the kids.) It was an altogether lovely way to kick off the weekend (and I was inspired to rethink my entire house ;-)

On Saturday we went to a birthday party at the Science museum, and I was inspired by my own, well… uptightness (yes, I realize that’s not a real word.) I was so tightly wound the entire time that I walked out to the car after the party vowing to lighten up. I’m realizing I’m not doing so well in my efforts in magical parenting and it took a mildly chaotic (but still very fun) 3-year old birthday party to remind me of that and re-inspire my efforts.

Late Sunday afternoon was spent watching Devo videos (we skipped over the racy content of course...) with the girlies on YouTube (man it's easy to get sucked into YouTube.) It occurred to me that I will have failed miserably as a parent if my girlies grow up thinking Mark Mothersbaug is just that goofy guy that draws pictures on Yo Gabba Gabba. The Devo viewing lead to Blondie and then to the Beatles (all roads inevitably lead to the Beatles with my girlies.) Their love for music inspires me endlessly.

And finally I was inspired by you guys…actually this started Friday afternoon (per my first paragraph) when I started reading your “6 Things” comments on my last post. Bryan had to come see what was going on as I was (apparently) gawaffing from my office. These were the best comments ever.

I am seriously amazed, impressed, in awe of, grateful for and fond of you guys. I’m just sayin


Shayna said...

I just love weekends that leave you loving life. Sounds like a most excellent few days...reminds me that I need to listen to more music and go to our science museum!

ps- clearly you've inspired your lovely readers as well ;) I'm just sayin...

Alyson said...

You are too cute! And loved, blessed, and interesting. We all wouldn't be reading if we didnt think that. I. too, find myself being uptight about dumb things. Sometimes you gotta take a step back and a deep breath. I used to nanny in college and when the 3 year old would have a meltdown, I used to say to her, "ok. we need to recenter. Let's all take a deep breath and hold it. ok now let it out." she would look like a little puff fish until i told her to let it out. The funny thing is, it worked on her. Maybe I should take my own advice!

Rachel said...

Some of us just need reminders to relax and let things happen (I know because I'm the same way). Glad you got one this weekend!

nelya said...

Funny, I was certain, completely certain that those around the house images were yours. And frankly, so excited to get a peek at more of your place. I always find your home so inspiring! Looks like you found a perfect set of friends.

As for the uptightness. Sigh. I gotta work on that as well. Believe me, you are not the only one.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

Thank you for writing that...so happy to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from 'uptightness' when it comes to parenting.

paula said...

too funny, every time I see vignettes of your home I want to rethink my home. you place things so beautifully. Thanks for your help BTW, I think I will make a trip to Atlanta soon.

kalanicut said...

Trust me you aren't the only woman who catches herself being so uptight that she ruins her day for herself...and sometimes people around her.

I think it's part of the female computer chip, the obsession with all the things that have to be done to keep everyone alive.

I think sometimes we just confuse the words alive or dead with tidy, organized, and on schedule. ;)

Engracia said...

Oh I get uptight too, that was why after reading your magical parenting post, I decided to let go. Not always successful, but I really am working hard on it. Gee no one is perfect anyway. As for your home, it defintely inspires me. I often look at your house tour and see new things that I can adopt and adapt around my home.
Hope your day is going well.

tiffany said...

aw! i'm definitely going to the science museum when i'm home in dallas for spring break !! and the dma obviously :)


We Blog Artists said...

Don't you just love being cooked for! And by friends...who inspire.
Lovely post.

jack, lucy, finn, dot, martha, and rocky said...

what a lovely weekend.
wishing i could have a fabulous dinner with pete and lucia. you have no idea the envy i am feeling...
wonderful post.