Holiday Thoughts and Lovely Tables

All images via One Lovely Day (projects from top by mary swenson, chelsea fuss and 100 layer cake)

I know it's a cliché, I do...but it's far too easy to get caught up in the "stuff" and the obligations and the general hoopla of the holidays and forget to pause and reflect on why we as individuals celebrate the season.

Thanksgiving is traditionally the time to look back and express gratitude for the good that's happened over the course of the year, but when I do remember to pause in December...when I do remember to mellow out a bit and allow myself to let go of the stress of trying to do everything "right", I find I want to be grateful.

Amidst all the activities this month, inevitably, my favorite moments involve sitting in front of the tree, staring at the lights until they all blur together and reveling in how fortunate I am to have my family, my hubby and girlies, our home, good food, health...

I read this passage in an article in "O" magazine a couple of years ago and it really resonated with me.

"For my grandparents, the essential thing about Christmas is midnight mass, and the birth of a child who shall be called Prince of Peace. For my mother, I think it’s the solstice and the fact that the days will get longer, the light will return. For my father it’s Santa Claus, the spirit of abundance and generosity. But for me, it seems to be something at once simpler and more complicated than all these things…"

Whatever is the essential thing for you about this season, take time to revel in it.

Have a lovely, lovely holiday friends!


Brandi said...

These photos are lovely and that quote from "O" magazine is simply perfect for this time of year.

Have a beautiful holiday. May it be filled with lots of light and love.

kiss my spatula said...

so inspiring and lovely!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, I agree with you sweet Joslyn....sitting in front of the tree or fire and watching the lights blur, thinking how incredibly fortunate I am. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas hun and all the best to you and yours!

Christine Vi said...

I agree. Christmas is the time when I pause to think about the whole year, what's happened, what I'm thankful for, and who I love and care about. Sitting inside with a cup of hot cocoa or spiced cider with the fire crackling in the fireplace and snow falling outside is a perfect to all of that.

Estelle Hayes said...

Ah, hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday as well. Will you post about the dollhouse? You got me thinking of my favorite Christmas memory involving my dollhouse and I posted about it today. Thanks for always getting me thinking of lovely things.

Rita Finn said...

I couldn't agree more. This is the time to count our blessings and feel utter gratitude for the health, warmth of friends, and love of family that we so often take for granted! Bless you and have a Merry Christmas!

Sara Bradshaw said...

Thought I would share with you some photos of my little sister's wedding. Have a great Christmas x

Chelsea said...

Thanks for the link love. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Happy new year!! I saw you are going to be at Alt Summit! I am too and hope we get to meet:)

Joslyn said...

Chelsea! can't wait to meet you at ALT!