Good Mail

Some of the lovely mail I've received of late -- Holiday lookbooks from UO

When Bryan and I first started dating, we were long distance for several months (him in Austin, me in Boulder), regularly sending each other epic, fat love letters. Mail was a huge deal then, as I didn't have a computer so we couldn't send e-mail and we couldn't afford daily long distance phone calls. I literally waited for (stalked) the mail lady every day to see what would arrive from my love.

A few years later we're e-mailing and texting like mad... and all of the sudden mail is a total drag -- all bills and junky catalogs. Don't get me wrong, I like technology (it's how I make my living in fact, so I like it a lot), but deep down I'm a closet Luddite -- we have an ancient TV, regularly use a record player and no, I don't have an iPhone (yikes!) + I like paper... a lot.

But ironically, one of the interesting and happy side effects of having a blog (which is essentially all about using technology to share ideas, inspiration, etc...) is my snail mail has gotten infinitely more exciting. I occasionally get sweet notes and fun treats from blogging friends, nice books and really cool, creative PR materials... I have to say I'm kinda stalking the mailman again.

I'm also constantly inspired by all the gorgeous paper products out there...they just make you want to send mail, no??

Yet more recent mail loveliness... Frankie's Photo Book and Afternoon Tea cookbook, which are both incredibly, incredibly cool.


Chaucee said...

I love the new catalog from UO! You should also sign up for Anthropologie's (although I'm sure you already have). It's just as inspiring!

Rachel said...

I am an email addict, but before that I was a letter writing addict. Now I'm sighing a little for those days. I used to send huge fat letters to all my long distance friends, and I still have piles of their old letters that I can't quite throw away. It just felt different.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

I have always been a mailman stalker! It is one of my favorite daily quests...because there truly is nothing better than receiving correspondence via handwritten letter, a sweet card or a very loving package!

Engracia said...

Oh me too. Ever since I started reading blogs and after discovering Etsy, my daily trips to the mailbox are always filled with excited anticipation of any goodies that may be in the mailbox.

simplesong said...

i'm the same way now too! so many little surprises in the mail every now and again because of blogging and its so great.

Anonymous said...

I have that Frankie afternoon tea book! A friend brought it back from Australia for me, and that's how I first heard of Frankie.

The styling in that book is totally gorgeous, and I want all of the tablecloths :)

Jane Flanagan said...

Ooooh - both look divine! The perfect way to spend an afternoon.

escapade said...

Good mail indeed! My husband and I started off long distance and I lived for handwritten love notes. Absolutely nothing better! It's been reduced to special occasions or a sweet text here and there, perhaps I'll have to send him away so I can get more mail ;)