Blogger's Favorites -- Laura of The Scoop

When I first kicked-off the "Blogger's Favorites" series over a year ago, Laura was one of my first featured bloggers. She has great taste, I love her style, and she's 1/2 of one of my all-time fave blogs, The Scoop. She also recently started a new venture, Neapolitan, her line of totally gorgeous, hand-lettered greeting and note cards.

Favorites evolve, so I thought it would be fun to check back in with Laura and see what's she's loving best these days...

Herewith Laura's favorites. Enjoy and have a lovely October weekend -- I know we will ;-)

  • Flame Stitch and Chevron Patterns -- I love (love, love!) flame stitch and chevron patterns. This flame stitch gift bag, by Elum, could be used for gift giving. But I think a better idea is to buy two or three (at only $5 each!), display them on a bookshelf, and stash little bits of clutter away.

  • Blush and Grey -- This palette of blush, warm charcoal grey and a bit of bright color or metallic is in heavy rotation in my wardrobe at the moment. It is also the basis for my sister's wedding palette (minus the grey). It's a bit sophisticated and a bit playful.

  • Neisha Crosland -- I am a huge admirer of Neisha Crosland's textile designs. Her "Anemone" wallpaper combines graphic-looking dots with graceful botanical lines in a fan-like shape. It is perfect and someday I will have it on my walls.

  • Paul & Joe -- They make the prettiest blotting papers case I've ever seen. It's a diminutive, cushioned compact printed with flowers and has a little mirror inside. I refill the case with inexpensive sheets from Muji.

  • Musicals --Anything that features choreographed dances and/or actors breaking into song makes me happy (I love the new show Glee), but nothing beats my first musical love, The Sound of Music - I just taught my daughter how to sing "Do Re Mi". This scene - where the kids take refuge from a scary thunderstorm on Maria's luxuriously made up bed, right before she gets inspired to make play clothes for them from the brocade drapes hanging in her room - is a favorite.

  • Striped Chairs -- A pair of these striped, skirted wing chairs is next on my list of furniture purchases. The bold, black and cream stripe makes the traditional shape so modern. I imagine them in our "someday house" flanking the fireplace, surrounded by bookshelves, in the hearth room that adjoins the kitchen, where my husband and I can drink coffee and read the paper and put our feet up on the modern coffee table I envision in between them. (I’ll keep dreaming!)

  • Good, Perfectly Served Coffee -- Nothing feels more luxurious to me than savoring a cup of coffee, the way European cafes serve it: with a "real" cup, on a saucer, with a tiny spoon, sugar cube and mini chocolate on the side. I've wanted a set of these, by Nigella Lawson, forever because the saucer is elongated to make room for that little spoon (John Derian has adorable mother-of-pearl versions) and little treat - but I can't decide between the cream or the black.

  • Vosges -- I included Vosges Chocolate in my last "favorite things" list, but I had to mention it again because I truly am in love with that company and its entire product line. It’s based in Chicago, so every time I visit I must stop by the Lincoln Park boutique. Their bonbons use a delicious organic peanut butter and have just the right amount of salt on top. Plus they come in a ridiculously cute box. A good friend who shares my Vosges passion brought these to me in the hospital after I had my daughter, and it was the most perfect, indulgent gift.

  • Hayden Harnett Riding Boots -- Now that fall is officially here, I am getting tons of use out of my Hayden Harnett Madeleine riding boots that I purchased on clearance at the beginning of summer, and enjoying every minute. The color is so unusual but complimentary to my wardrobe, the leather is very fine and soft and the fit is superb. I throw them on with skinny jeans, a tee, a short black trench coat and...

  • Glam Necklaces...if I’m feeling a bit fancy, I’ll throw on this necklace I got from Banana Republic (no longer available) for a note of glamour. The stones are extremely heavy and clunky, and make a lot of noise when you walk, but their translucent color makes the overall impact less over-the-top.

  • St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur -- It makes an unusual, lovely cocktail when mixed with Champagne and a splash of grapefruit. It is delicious. And the bottle is soooo pretty.


jones said...

St-Germain elderflower Liquer sounds intriguing, combined with champagne and grapefruit, sounds delicious! great list.

Anonymous said...

How fun to have her back. I love this list!

paula said...

such a great list. oh, and I would love to live in her someday house too:)

sweet sunday said...

what a wonderful list. I love that she included small pleasures {such as the perfect cup of coffee} which can feel like big indulgences. Nice!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love, love, love this list and somehow feel compelled to run out and get the paul & joe compact, the liqueur and I adore chevron patterns. Yum...thanks for sharing.