More Moomah Love

I think NYC's Moomah might be one of the most genius concepts ever... It's a cafe/art + craft space/shop that seems to be whimsical, creative, environmentally conscientious and kid-centric without dumbing things down.

Moomah's philosophy via their site:

After chatting with my friend Christine over dinner last Saturday about her recent visit to Moomah, Audrey and I are officially dying to go visit…and wishing we had something like this in Dallas!

all images via Moomah


Bluebelle said...

My first time here, hi! I love your pictures. And I just read yesterday's post and wanted to say - I really like the idea of taking everything out of your closet and only putting it back when you've worn it. I've been thinking about purging mine for a while but am very much in the hanging on to it just in case mindset. Thanks for the idea!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Oh, wow - what a wonderful place. I love the interior...and the philosophy behind it is so simple, yet somewhat rare, it seems.... What a find! One more reason I wish I lived in NYC. Sigh.

Kristy said...

I ran across the Mommah website recently as well and so wish we had something like this in Dallas!! I think it would do wonderfully here.....please let us know if you ever hear of something similar in the area!!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

My dream place!

Anonymous said...

That seems like a really cute place. They should have more of these! I want one in Toronto. I'd definitelly visit..
Beautiful post, love your blog,