Happy Makers

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As I was leaving for work this morning, I noticed Audrey had taped a little bunting she made at school to the wall near the door. Truth be told, she’s notorious for this move. (She’s addicted to tape and uses it at every possibly opportunity to stick random ephemera to the walls -- in fact she’s so mad for the stuff, she's asked for a tape dispenser for Christmas. Seriously, who needs expensive presents? )

But back to the bunting. It was cute actually -- falling apart and totally wonky, but it made me want to hang something more permanent in that spot (something perhaps exactly like the little gold "bunting" above), as I think every once in a while you have to throw all caution and convention to the wind and hang random things in inappropriate spots in your house.

What’s happier than that…

And speaking of happy, I’m still fighting the blues, but I can report that I've put things in perspective, which is the starting point for getting out of any rut, no? So a dose of perspective, a little random bunting + the following are collectively joining forces in making me happier today.

  • Sondre Lerche on heavy rotation
  • Two consecutive days of blissful fall weather -- crisp, cool, “today I'm actually wearing a sweater” weather
  • Three new magazines arriving in the mail yesterday + two girlies that went to bed early enough last night that I actually had some time to flip through them.

It’s the small things friends.


Anonymous said...

"every once in a while you have to throw all convention to the wind and hang random things in inappropriate spots in your house"
You just stated my decorating mantra, I love inappropriate: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pattipics/405322909/in/set-72157594561176732/

Anonymous said...

I love magazines! What ones did you get? These days looking forward to sitting down with a drink and a magazine gets me through the day.

Rachel said...

The little things are really the most reliable source of happiness. You have no control over many events in your life, but you can always make yourself the perfect cup of tea and give yourself 5 minutes with a beautiful magazine. Or whatever works for you.

mrs boo radley said...

I'm enamored. Thank you for sharing this adorableness.
You know what made me so happy today? To see the different angle that the sun has in the autumn sky. I hope where you are you can see it too and find some joy from it!
mrs boo rad

We Blog Artists said...

Simply Lovely!
Hope those blues turn into vibrant oranges and dashes of red with sparkles of silver!

Jane said...

HI Jos- So sorry you're blue. I call it let-down September. Everyone is so excited about starting something fresh, new routines, new bedtimes, carefree summer gone, kids growing up. All of these things get thrown in one big pot...and you're left holding it. Plus, September is really, really long! Have faith, October is right around the corner and things will be better. Trust me... When have I failed you with my advice :)


Laura Trevey said...

these are so happy :)

xo laura

Joslyn said...

jane -- you have never failed me with your advice ;-) thank you...i will be counting down the days until october.

Amanda Nicole said...

It is indeed the small things that life me up, too. Love bunting :)

Amanda Nicole said...

lift me up, I mean ;)

Joanna said...

I'm quite liking Jane's pearls of wisdom regarding September!

Also, I envy you Joslyn for experiencing some fall-ish days already. Not so fall-ish in Los Angeles, let me tell you. :-(

inbrightness said...

i have recently fallen COMPLETELY in love with "bunting" or "happy garland" as i like to call it! i love this so much!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ah....bunting. I love bunting too and Marichelle's are THE best. I agree with Jane...don't you worry my dear. The great thing about this life(and sometimes the scary thing) is that it can all turn on a dime, right? October is bound to be better, I know so many folks that get the blues around this time( me included). I am sending a huge hug your way and I think you need some bunting. :)

Estelle Hayes said...

Yes, it is the small things. Quiet time with your magazines can be quite healing. And I love the bunting idea in an unexpected location.

Kristin said...

*phew* I just caught up on a few weeks' worth of posts and I finally feel back in the "loop". Sorry to hear you were feeling a little down and out, and hoping it's passed and you're feeling better.

Love that bunting. I was thinking of doing a little something similar above Henry's crib. (I just love saying that... my little boy, Henry)

hee hee

kristina said...

Oh jos

i say let fall pull you out. there's something about the the light and air that always makes me want weep with happiness. Even when it's 93 degrees at the beach in LA. The light has changed and that's almost enough for me.

Also, i'm so with you about the bunting. I'm thinking of making a strand over the weekend to send as a baby present.

it doesn't look that hard?

Emilia Jane said...

I think I have a blog crush. I just spent a good chunk of my work day looking through your posts. Thank you for reminding me why I love reading blogs so much!

PS: I found you from my etsy store google analytics but can't seem to figure out why. hm.

Marichelle said...

Oh wow, what a nice surprise!! Thank you so much for featuring my garlands, I appreciate it so much!


kate / tinywarbler said...

oh, i love bunting and garlands!
and if little audrey loves tape, you need to check out this site:


i just bought some of the japanese masking tape in the 6 color pack and the graph paper. it's so lovely! plus they have tape dispensers, a wood one and a muji acrylic one. i was going to do a post about it soon.
she's a girl after my own heart!

Joslyn said...

kate -- thanks for the tip...what a lovely christmas gift some of that japanese masking tape and a little acrylic dispenser.


Katie said...

I love the photo you used....lovely inspiration for an easy project to jazz up a home!! : )

Mrs.French said...

chin-up friend...gold bunting sounds like the perfect treatment for the blues...xo t