Renegade Bus

There are so many long-held (and generally totally inaccurate) stereotypes about Dallas -- you've hear them, no? Cowboys, big hair, lack of culture... So anytime something comes along that is (I belive) the true embodiment of the my city, I want to shout from the rooftops.

There's our incredible new opera house -- gorgeous and built with an enormous solar roof, our progressive recycling program (we can just throw everything in a giant blue garbage can that the city provides each household…no sorting necessary), and most recently an incredibly smart, sophisticated new arts and culture site for the city called Renegade Bus.

Honestly I’m most excited about that last one, as I think it really busts through the stereotypes and is a true representation of the vibrant, interesting people that inhabit Dallas.

Oh and they asked me to write a piece… Take a peek!


Macy said...

Lovely post. My stepkids live in Dallas, and we have found all your stereotypes to be true. I'm excited to discover some new things about Dallas the next the we visit.

Our Green Nest said...

Well we have lived here our whole lives (minus college) and completely agree - DFW is a wonderful place! :) I loved your article...Tu for sharing!