Week-End Plans?

My all-time favorite boss (who is no longer my boss, but is now one of my best friends) instituted a fun tradition at our weekly team meeting where we’d go around the table and tell the rest of the group our plans for the weekend… I loved hearing what everyone was up to. I still do.

So, I thought I’d give it a spin here… This is what we have planned:
  • Miss Aimee and I have our very first sewing class tomorrow at Make. If all goes well we should both come home with a purse of our own construction…v. exciting.

  • Cooking dinner for two of our very best friends on Sunday (one of which happens to be the boss in the story above -- actually they were both my bosses at one point, then they both quit, got married, and now they’re our dearest friends…)

  • And, as I’m completely and totally addicted* to Molly’s book, I'm going to take a stab at making her ratatouille and raspberry blueberry pound cake.

    *You must read this book… seriously leave this blog and go buy it now. I’ll wait. You won’t be sorry….

  • The weather is insanely beautiful so we're planning a jaunt with the girlies to ArtScape at the Arboretum.

So… What are you doing this weekend?


Sara Christine said...

Wow, what a great idea for a staff meeting! Usually it's go around the circle and tell everyone what you screwed up this week. Haha. Have a lovely weekend, and happy spring!!

erinn said...

*girls night out tonight
*acupuncture & hopefully some allergy relief
*small quiet baby shower, my favorite kind
*breakfast with a dear friend
*and dinner at my parents'
Ohh, enjoy the weather. I am desperate for Spring here.

Christina said...

Wandering around the local art museum and seeing some free exhibits, trying to go to the film festival in town, meeting with a friend I haven't see in a long time*

DCKate said...

It seems like every weekend is sucked up by wedding stuff these days! I guess that's just part of the fun ;-)

Happy hour
Staying in & watching a movie w/FI

Checking out rehearsal dinner venues w/FI and FILs
Taking FILs to see wedding venue
Party @ coworker's apartment

Going to Crate & Barrel w/FI to work on registry
BBQ dinner for friend's bday

Terri T said...

fun fun fun! This weekend I'm....

*grilling shrimp kabobs
*going to see a movie (hopefully)
*going to ATL
*seeing off my parents after a week long stay (not happy about this one)

Supermason said...

Being outside as much as possible to enjoy the first weekend of Spring.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Love this time of year. Do show us the results of your sewing class!

As for me, we'll be enjoying the weather ... and loads of printing for me [but that's one of my favorites things to do over a weekend].


Carol said...

Since you are one of my all time favorite ex-boss ladies, I will contribute. I dreadfully miss friday morning's "weekend update." Now that I am sitting in a sea of empty cubicles due to lay-offs and I only get human interaction on rare occasions, I am so happy to do this for old time's sake. Heck, it think this should be a Simple Lovely tradition.

So, here is my weekend update:

Fix the flat tires on my car from this morning. I was on my way to work when I noticed my car was a few inches shorter. Lovely!

Buy the Twilight DVD. Yes, baby. I am a "Twi-hard" fanatic. But I am Team Jacob. Edward and Jacob just annoy me.

Go to Super Target and Sprouts with my husband. We do this every weekend. It is our tradition and I really enjoy it a bunch.

Go to the gym. I've lost 20 pounds in three months and I only have 20 more days until my Spring cruise around the islands. (I still look like fat old me, though.)

Cook a recipe I have not tried on Sunday night. Sunday dinner is a tradition in my house. I try to make at lest one full meal a week and we usually watch it during TV's 60 Minutes.

Finish my friend Megan's favorite book that she lent to me. The title is "To Be Someone" and I really am having an existential moment over it.

Go to church or at least think about in on Sunday morning.

Go to the gym AGAIN.

Have my maintenance moment. Every Sunday I deep condition my hair, pluck stuff, exfoliate, put on a mask and clip my fingernails. As I get older, it takes a lot more time and effort to look just plain and average.

AH!!!! I've been wanting to have "weekend update" for YEARS. Thanks, Joslyn. Love ya and God Bless you.

P.S. Don't worry. If you make it a regular Simple Lovely feature I will not write in all that much.


Basht said...

enjoy your nice weather for me as it's still snowy and cold here...

this weekend i'm
-seeing my best friend to give her a gift
-shopping for jeans
-painting my bathroom blue
-visiting another friend and meeting her new baby boy for the first time
-creating care packages for old friends

Joslyn said...

carol -- oooh brings back old times ;-) maybe i will make this a weekly feature

Anonymous said...

-choosing paint colors, carpet for the master BR and deciding what to do about soap dishes in our new house
-seeing some live music outside
-dinner with the hub to celebrate his new job
-greeting in the kids' area/Sunday school at church
-brunch with some new friends
-watching TOP MODEL
- using some of the GORGEOUS letterpress I won from simplesong to write notes. (Thanks, Suann!)

paula said...

I do love a good read. I will be leaving for the beach Sunday, yeah!

MFAMB said...

well, thanks for asking.
i am
*going grocery shopping without a 4 year old in tow (which if you have one you know how much better it is this way)
*working out to my tracy anderson dvd (damn you tracy anderson!!!!)
*planting grass seed and wildflowers
*making sunday morning pancakes
*a little playground hopping
*lots of wine in my belly

margot said...

Yaaay weekend!

I'm hosting by one of my BFFs for the weekend, haven't seen each other in about 9 months. Dinner & catch-up tonight, antiquing/vintaging saturday afternoon, nice dinner out & launch party tomorrow night for a new art publication I designed, sleepin in & lazy brunching. Very excited!

Sarah Bradley said...

I love this! I do the same thing on my blog but seem to rarely get response!

This weekend I'm watching Burn After Reading, catching up on my stack of magazines, running a few needed errands and enjoying the weather! Yeah for weekends!

Janssen said...

I can't wait to read her book - I have a copy on reserve at the library. YAY!

Lisa Johnson said...

At the moment, I'm eating a cupcake. Yum! I've also been enjoying Molly's book. Love it!

Tomorrow, I'm meeting a friend for brunch during Boston's Restaurant Week. Double yum! Happy Weekend!
; )

Unknown said...

Guess i have some work to do to make it to number 2 on the list ;-)

This weekend is b-day party central. Last night was my daughter's sleep over and we just got back from laser tag for my son's party. 24 hours of parties and I'm ready for bed ;-)

But instead out to the garden to put in some raised beds. Trying to grow asparagus this year.

style-for-style said...

take my 2 year old niece to the bakery, buy her a cupcake.

make wedding invitations

spring cleaning!

Anonymous said...

friday: watched a niece (4), nephew (1) and nephew (11) - all day and all night.

saturday: took one niece and nephew to the waterpark-like pools + slides at my family-friendly gym, then watched "Broken English" with a friend while swooning over the stunning, brooding Frenchman with the pretty accent. *sigh*

sunday: taking a day to read, clip magazine articles, bake muffins, catch up on shows recorded this week.

great idea your boss has in the friday meeting!