So I'm pretty much in love with Viver bags (by Clare Guerrero Vivier) spotted via L.A. in Bloom. They're so cool, mindful and well priced... I'm dying for one of her big fold-over clutches made of recycled leather and her teal suede messenger tote.

(+ Clare has a seriously kickin blog!)

images via la in bloom


Mrs.French said...

I am dying over that top one...so beautiful...thanks for the intro deary! xo t

Blair Friedeman said...

These are beautiful bags and I love that they are produced in such a mindful manner! Her fold over clutches are definitley a lustworthy item!

Heather Taylor said...

thanks for posting, sweets! you have come do a studio visit with clare next time you're in LA. She's wonderful!

Joslyn said...

Heather -- more and more incentive to make a trip to LA!

Callie Grayson said...

mmm, so sweet! thanks for such a lovely share on such a perfect little fold over!

Clare Vivier said...

Thanks for this, and so happy to be introduced to your blog at the same time! I will link to it on mine.
Yes, I hope to meet you if you come to LA.
All my best, Clare

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