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Happy Friday! In just a few hours I’m headed back home and back to all things cold and Christmassy… But I had to post this week’s blogger’s favorites before I jump on the plane, as it’s just so good! Not only is Amy the author of the excellent, stylish and lovely blog Discourse and Design, but she’s also the lady behind the brilliant Children’s shop, Peek Aren’t You Curious.

Her philosophy is that childhood is a joyful experience still open to parents and the branding and clothes are totally and completely perfect. You must take a peek (no pun intended…)

Herewith Amy’s favorites. Enjoy and happy Friday!

To say I was excited and thrilled when Joslyn asked me to share my favorite things with her was an under statement. My husband noticed how happy I seemed to be the whole afternoon at work, and I finally voiced all of my excitement. To read and treasure someone’s blog, and approach to life, and then to be in the company of so many other amazing women....

So of course number 1 is my amazing family...Husband of one year, three incredible stepchildren and our twins which are due in early June. When Scott and I first met, and the kids were 2, 4, and 6 I could not believe how open, loving and connected we quickly all became. I feel truly blessed.

Ice Cream from Ici -- Our friend Mary opened this treasure of a shop in Berkley a little more then a year ago.The first few months, Scott helped her with setting up some of the business aspects and I was treated to ice her ice cream every day...Just yesterday she brought us a care package of treats that were devoured within the hour!! She uses the most divine ingredients all local and from purveyors around the bay area...Her ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and bon bons are to die for...When we had an opening party for one of our shops, she catered all the deserts and added little cones of caramel corn to the mix. Heaven!

Silhouettes -- There is something about the simplicity of black and white and the art of the silhouette that I adore. An elegant and simple way to capture as well a moment in time, and placed in the home somehow seems like an homage to the family that calls it their home....Last week, in LA I meet with Karl Johnson who has turned this art into his livelihood...his work which has been featured in design magazines, at Disney in Hong Kong and in a variety of movies is divine, and I cant wait to order silhouettes of the kids for my husband for Christmas from him! (PS while we met, he sat and quickly created my silhouette too!)

My Camo Bag from LL Bean -- This bag, which only gets better with time is the perfect tote. My version is monogrammed, and I must confess I have given this as a gift a few times to friends after they admired it...

Palomas Nest on Etsy -- So, a little late to the party as usual, but I finally heard about Etsy and found one of the most amazing artists...I am addicted to her little treasures. These wooden blocks, with messages that connect me to what is most important sit on my desk at work… (I also ordered some holiday presents from her...they are all fantastic!)

Photography -- I adore photography and love taking pictures...Tons of photography books in our house and my office, and I was able to find some great old photos on eBay a while back which are framed in our house. This book is a treasure, out of print, but a great find and great gift, it has inspired me to take pictures of our kids differently...

Image of Peri Wolfs Home from Elle Décor

Eating Outdoors -- Now that I live in California, I get to enjoy one of my favorite things almost year round. In the spring and summer, the day starts with coffee outside and a glance at a newspaper...The end of the day a casual dinner with the kids, just the two of us and friends with piles of candles around...There is nothing better then starting or ending the day outdoors.

Wheaten Terriers -- I never had a dog when I was younger, and am dying to get a big fluffy dog…Wheaten Terriers are my absolute favorite, and once we move, I can not wait to get one!


amy turn sharp said...

Oh Jos! I love Amy!!! She is so cool!! She is a customer of mine! xo

Nicole Marie said...

i am drooling over those ice cream sandwhiches. i want one so bad and its only 10 am!

Rachel said...

Great list! Those ice cream sandwiches are almost too lovely to eat.

Simone said...

Ice cream please.......

Unknown said...

The cutest dog EVER!

Miss | A said...

welcome back. hope you had a good time-when you could.

Stephanie said...

A wonderful list indeed. Those ice cream sandwiches are making me incredibly hungry right now.

Unknown said...

Those ice cream sandwiches are to tie for. Love them! As always great post!


Olivia StClaire said...

Love the wheaten.... & REALLY, REALLy love the ice cream!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

What a great list! That doggy at the end is so adorable! :)

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

OOOh nice CAMO bag...!
Happy Holidays!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Britt said...

Just wanted to say that I have a Wheaten, named Watson, he's 14 months old and the very best thing in the entire world. They are so much fun, so sweet and so lovable. You won't regret it for a single minute.

I rescued my Wheaten and I'd encourage you to do the same. There are lots of full breed Wheaten rescues out there!

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